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Tesla teamed up with Radio Flyer to make a Cyberquad for kids

Unlike the Tesla ATV, you can actually buy this.

tesla cyberquad for kids
Image: KnowTechie

When Tesla announced the Cybertruck a couple of years back, it also announced a Cybertruck ATV that would go in the back and could charge off the Cybertruck’s batteries. You still can’t buy either of those, but if you’ve got $1,900 this holiday, you can pick up a pint-sized Tesla Cyberquad for your kids.

Yes, for the princely sum of $1,900, your kiddo can live out their dreams of pretending to be a futuristic paramilitary contractor. Designed for kids of eight years old or above, the Cyberquad ATV was created in partnership with Radio Flyer. Yes, that Radio Flyer, of the iconic red wagons.

Interestingly, it’s not using Tesla’s battery technology. That’s okay though, as Radio Flyer’s “flight speed lithium-ion battery technology” has longer run times and charges three times faster than the lead-acid batteries used by other companies making sit-on, battery-powered vehicles for kids.

The Cybertruck-inspired curves angular panels sit on a sturdy steel frame, with a cushioned seat that promises to be comfier than it looks. The Cyberquad has rear disc braking for safety, LED light bars, and a rear suspension for smoother off-roading.

The lithium battery has a 15-mile range and the Cyberquad has a 10 MPH top speed. There’s also a variable speed throttle for control.

If you want one, better hurry. You can only order the $1,900 Cyberquad For Kids from Tesla’s online store, and like everything else Tesla sells, is sure to sell out quickly.

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