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The best crowdfunding campaigns to check out in November 2020

Floating lamps, cocktail mixers, and more.

Xtron pro crowdfunding gadget
Image: Xtron Pro

Crowdfunding is a really cool way for innovative products to see the light of day, without the restrictions placed on in-house development at large companies. It’s also a great place to check out video games from small studios, movies, and even campaigns for social good.

With all of those campaigns competing for your attention, it can be tricky to find ones based on your interests. Let KnowTechie do all the hard work for you, with our picks of the crop for November.

Check out these 15 awesome crowdfunding campaigns this month

So… with how many crowdfunding campaigns there are out there, how do you choose what to back? Well, I use a combination of checking out their campaign page, looking to see if any of the comments on their prior campaigns show dissatisfied backers, and also companies I’ve already had successful pledge fulfillment from.

I also tend to stick to gadget areas that I know a bit about, like photography, cooking, maker tools, and writing implements. That way I can judge if the campaign’s aspirations are within reach or not, which adds to my decisions. I’m also picking campaigns with some time left to run, as it’s no fun finding out about cool campaigns after they’ve finished.

So, with all of that out of the way, here are some of the crowdfunding campaigns I’ve found worthy of attention in November:

Gravita: Levitating Smart Lamp For Your Home

We could all do with a little bit of light in our lives right now, and what better way than to mix it with magnets? Floately is known for its levitation prowess, and Gravita is their latest wonder of science. It’s not just a nifty floating lamp though, it also has Bluetooth speakers, USB-A and USB-C ports to charge your devices, and turns on or off with a tap.

Head on over to Kickstarter to grab your own Gravita for $125.


With the days getting shorter and existential dread piling on, it’s never been a better time for some cocktails. If you’re the type that likes to measure things properly, without making a mess all over your counter, you need to check out the crowdfunding campaign from Swish. It’s a handy jigger for measuring your liquors and mixtures, which then drains into your glass when you press down. Nifty.

Head on over to Kickstarter and grab a super early bird Swish for $24.

T1: World’s 1st RGB IPX6 Waterproof Power Tower

With more of us working from home than ever before, our wall sockets are at a premium. Whether it’s laptop chargers, smartphone chargers, work lamps, or more, we all need a few more places to plug in our devices. Enter the Eshldty T1, a literal tower of power, that has sockets, 2.4A USB ports, and a 20W PD fast-charging port for your smartphones. Oh, and it’s got music-reactive RGB because we all need a little bit more fun in our lives.

The T1 is also splashproof with an IPX6 rating, with spring-loaded covers that automatically block the socket holes when they’re not in use. The 17 lbs of force needed to insert a plug is also an effective toddler deterrent, which is a very important consideration in my household.

Grab one from $59 while the special early pricing is in effect, over on Indiegogo.

Shower Power

If you love listening to music while you shower, you’ll want to check out the Shower Power crowdfunding campaign. It’s a Bluetooth shower speaker that’s actually powered by the running water in your shower. Adding to the eco-friendliness, Shower Power is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic.

Grab one from Kickstarter from $59 while early bird pricing lasts.

Lanmodo Vast Pro: Night Vision System with Dashcam

Driving at night worries many people, as your headlights only manage to show you so much of the road while you’re at speed. Lanmodo’s new Vast Pro system helps you see more of the road, with a 1080p dashcam with full-color night vision.

When installed, you’ll be able to see up to 984ft from your car, a huge improvement over the roughly 260ft that driving with your high beams at 37mph. That gives you nearly triple the reaction time in case there’s something in your direction of travel, making night driving safer.

It’s also a fully-featured dashcam, with recording, parking monitoring, and more. Grab one from Indiegogo for $229, or get the set with a rearview camera for $258.

Fluora – The Magical LED Houseplant

If you like the idea of houseplants, but prefer them to be of the plastic variety, you’re not alone. They’re a little dull at night though, when they just turn into ominous shadows on everything. Fluora changes that, bringing the EDM festival into your front room, with RGB lighting on every leaf. It’s a psychedelic house plant, and I’m here for it.

All of the LEDs are programmable, it’s got planned integration with all of the large home automation and smart light systems, and it’ll never die if you forget to water it. Actually, don’t water it, it’s electronics, then it will die.

Grab one from Indiegogo for $499 while the campaign is running.

DrawBo – A Robotic Drawing Tutor

If you’ve got kids at home right now, you’re probably wondering what to do to keep them entertained that isn’t just keeping the TV on all day. DrawBo can help, with a drawing robot that can help nurture your kids’ artistic spark.

Upload an image from the mobile app and DrawBo will split that image into steps, like a high-tech version of all those “how to draw” books you grew up with. It’ll then go step-by-step and recreate the image, pausing after each step so your kid can follow along. Magical.

Grab one from Kickstarter for $149 while early bird pricing is in effect.


Our own Ste Knight is a bit of an expert on sleep issues and recently got his hands on an early copy of these latest sleep aids from Kokoon. These in-ear headphones play you 4D binaural beats to help you drift off, while the headband tracks your sleep so you can see if it’s worked in the morning. He says they’re super comfortable, even if you’re a side sleeper. Sweet dreams!

Grab a set from Kickstarter for $150 while pricing lasts.

Eteria air purifier

Air purifiers are a must in our stay-the-heck-home pandemic days. Most need expensive filters though, which trap allergens and germs. That leads to buildup, which could get you sick. Eteria does away with all of that with nanomaterials, that purify your air by breaking down nasty chemicals and germs. Nifty. It’s a two-part system, with an air monitoring module that also supplies electricity to the purifier unit, so you can bring the purifier around your home as you move throughout the day.

Grab one for $176 while early bird pricing is still available.

Lavanda LUNE: Wireless ANC Earbuds

With all of the competing noises inside your house, you might be thinking about buying some headphones with active noise canceling. Thing is, usually that’s a feature on high-end sets, which can be an issue with finances. Not so with the Lune earbuds, which come with Bluetooth 5.0, IP66 water and dust resistance, ANC, ambient listening mode, compatibility with voice assistants, and the same Bluetooth chip used in the more expensive Sony WF-1000XM3. Oh, and did I mention they’re $79?

Head on over to Indiegogo while pricing lasts.

BOLT | A modular heated mug designed to go in the dishwasher

What’s the worst thing about coffee? Nothing, it’s pretty awesome, right? Until… you remember that the cup you made an hour ago is still sitting on your desk, unloved, and unheated. Oops. Cold coffee that’s been left to go cold is just sad, so what if your mug never let that happen? BOLT keeps your drink at the correct temperature for up to four hours. Four! That’s enough to forget about your coffee multiple times and still be able to drink it. Oh, and it’s dishwasher-safe, as the heating element is removable. Nice.

Go grab one for $75 while you still can.

Mobile by Peak Design

It’s pretty much a given that our modern, glass-backed smartphones need a protective case to be used daily. The thing is, putting a case on often stops you from using any other accessories. Stands won’t fit, chargers might not charge, and good luck getting your thick case into the holder you use in the car. Peak Design might be better known for their camera gear, but isn’t your smartphone usually the main camera you use?

They’ve come back to Kickstarter a tenth time to revolutionize your smartphone. Get a case (or an adapter if you like the no-case life), then pick from the huge range of accessories that go with it. It’s all made possible by the SlimLink adapter, which has a magnetic soft lock that is compatible with the MagSafe built into the iPhone 12 range, and a hard lock that’s similar to the quick release accessories for camera heads. Wireless chargers that auto-align, a wallet that turns into a kickstand, an effortless car mount, and mounts that clip around your bike handlebars or onto your motorbike, so you can use your phone as a GPS. There’s even a mobile tripod that folds completely flat so it fits in your pocket.

I’ve been using an early version for a while now, and it’s fantastic. Grab the system at a hefty discount while the Kickstarter is still running.

Ocushield – iPhone 12 Germ-Proof Screen Protector

The other thing you always need with a new smartphone is a screen protector, so why not get one with extra benefits? Ocushield has self-cleaning tech that keeps your screen germ free. It’s also blue-light-blocking, so you get all the benefits at night without that weird orange tint that night mode puts your screen into. It’s also a scratch-resistant, smash resistant tempered glass panel, with an oleophobic coating to cut down on smudges and smears.

Grab one from the crowdfunding campaign to protect your new iPhone 12 while the early bird pricing is in effect.

Xtron Pro

Love retro gaming? Want to dabble with code but don’t know where to start? The Xtron Pro might be a good starting point, with its cute styling and ultimately customizable feature set. Turn it into a smartwatch by sticking it into the watchband, or a handheld gaming machine with the clip-on controller. Program it into a fitness tracker, or an automatic plant watering system, or almost anything you can think of.

Grab one from Kickstarter for $60 while early bird pricing is still available.

Auctify Specs

We all spend a significant percentage of the time we’re supposed to be working, distracted by all of the things that make modern life interesting. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could keep your procrastination in check, while training your brain to be more focused on the task at hand? Auctify is trying to do just that, with their smart glasses which use biosensors and computer vision to track your productivity. When it thinks you’re going off-task, it’ll alert you so you can refocus. How cool is that?

Grab a pair for $249 on Indiegogo, while the special prices are still available.

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