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The history and future of headphones [Infographic]

Here’s everything you need to know.

history future of headphones

Headphones are iconic. They have only been around a little over a hundred years, but already they have become ingrained in our lives and culture. Americans spend 32 hours a week on average listening to music, and much of it is through headphones. More than half of people use headphones at work for various reasons, and headphones have become a universal ‘do not disturb’ symbol.

Early headphones were used by military personnel and telephone operators. They were a utility meant to keep communications flowing. It wasn’t until after the postwar era that headphones began to be used for entertainment, and for decades after that headphones meant you were having a good time.

Then came another utility use for headphones – canceling out noise on planes. And just like that, the purpose of headphones shifted back to utility in the workplace and on planes, at least mostly.

Audiophiles will always gravitate toward better-sounding headphones, and for the most part, that means the over-the-ear type. Earbuds have become a universal ‘do not disturb’ sign in offices and in public spaces, especially for women. They offer privacy and fend off distractions, and 78% of people say music increases their productivity at work.

Learn more about the history and future of headphones below!

history and future of headphones

Image: Rave Reviews

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