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The new Laifen Swift can dry your hair in half the time with less heat

The Laifen Swift is a fast-drying hair dryer that speeds up the drying process while reducing damage to your hair.

Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

The concept of hair dryers has been around for more decades at this point, but the overall design has stayed relatively the same. But recently, new hair dryer designs, like the Laifen Swift, have come along to shake the game up. 

The Laifen Swift is a high-speed, ionic hair dryer that breaks the mold of traditional hair dryers. It features a powerful digital motor for maximum air pressure to save 60% of hair blowing time and not rely on tons of heat.

This hair dryer is available in silver blue, black, white, and red – all colors can be bought from Amazon and the company’s Website for just $159.99.

Compact but powerful

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer

The first thing you’ll notice about the Laifen Swift is much more compact than ordinary hair dryers. This hair dryer is about 11 inches long and weighs three and a half pounds. 

And it doesn’t have the protruding mouth that you find on other hair dryers. And there is an included magnetic nozzle in case you need a more concentrated airflow. 

Although the Laifen Swift comes in a compact package, it still packs a powerful punch. The brushless motor on this hair dryer spins at up to 110,000 RPMs. That kind of power produces around six times more air pressure than average hair dryers.

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So you can dry your hair without having to worry about applying tons of heat. However, the device can heat a temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius. The air temperature is signaled with a three-color LED ring light around the face of the Laifen Swift. 

With that powerful air pressure, the Laifen Swift ends up quieter than your everyday hair dryers. This hair dryer operates at only 59dB, and most traditional hair dryers are more than 90dB. 

High-tech but easy to use

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The Laifen Swift is designed with only two buttons: power and setting. Simply plug it in, power it on, and you’re good to start drying.

Pressing the settings button shifts through different temperatures: hot (176°F), warm air (104°F), and natural air.

Additionally, by pressing and holding the setting button, the air will alternate between hot and cold so your hair will not be damaged by hot air.

Is the Laifen Swift hair dryer worth buying? 

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer front

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Compared with traditional hair dryers, it costs more. But as a new generation hair dryer, the Laifen Swift has a lot of good features, such as a powerful and quiet motor that can dry your hair without a ton of heat.

Remember, hair dryers are meant to blow your dry your hair with heat, not bake it. And of course, there’s always the topic of price. Laifen’s Swift hair dryer is priced at an attractive price much lower than similar options from major brands like Dyson, which currently sells theirs for $699.

If you’re looking to give up your traditional hair dryer for a new and improved design and better performance, then check out the Laifen Swift. It’s available on the company’s website and Amazon for $159.99

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