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The Samsung Galaxy S22 has terrible resale value

Look, if you want to resell your phone, buy an iPhone.

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It’s becoming a well-known fact that Android devices don’t hold their value well. The Samsung Galaxy S22 range is the latest victim of this and has lost roughly half of its value on average. The kicker? The phone was only released two months ago.

Yes, two months. That shocking statistic comes from SellCell, a shopping comparison site for used phones, which did a deep dive into the state of flagship smartphone resales.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G (128GB) is the worst performer of every recent flagship device. It loses 57.5-percent in “Good” condition and 53.8-percent in “Like New” condition. At that point, you better like that phone and plan to keep it until it dies.

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The best-performing out of Samsung’s latest crop is the Galaxy S22 5G 256GB, which loses 39.9-percent of its value in “Like New” and 48.9-percent in “Good.”

That’s still terrible, for a phone that costs $849.99 MSRP. Still, did anyone actually pay MSRP, with all the deals Samsung continues to offer?

smartphone resale value list
Image: SellCell

Their data also shows that the iPhone is always the best bet to keep value over time. The iPhone 13 range lost an average of 16.4-percent of its value in the two months after its launch.

The only iPhone model to lose value in month two? The iPhone 13 mini 128GB, probably due to fears that Apple is discontinuing the model this year.

It’s worse news for the Samsung Galaxy S22 range, as even the Pixel 6 range beats it for enduring value. Only barely though, with a Pixel 6 128GB losing 33.1-percent of its value in month 2 after launch.

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Again, if you want to have value in your smartphone at resale time, the only choice is iPhone. For any other devices, you’ll want to take advantage of generous trade-in offers at mobile carriers.

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