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What is the best streaming service?

There’s tons of options to choose from these days.

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Quick Answer: There is no “best” streaming service, but you might find that certain content offerings or pricing makes one the best for you.

There are seemingly countless streaming services to choose from, but is one better than the rest?

When it comes to streaming, you have your major players, like Netflix, Peacock, HBO Max, and Disney+. They all offer a bunch of shows, movies, documentaries, and more.

Some options even offer live programming, including reality shows and sports. But typically, those are going to cost you more.

So, if you are trying to cut some of your monthly costs, is there a must-have streaming service?

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What is the best streaming service available?

Short answer: There is not a “best” streaming service. It comes down to what you want/need.

Look, there isn’t a single “best” streaming service.

With how often these different services rotate out content, it’s hard to even pin down where to watch things, much less decide a “winner.”

That said, there are some things you can look at to determine which streaming services you should use. It comes down to costs and content.

Note: We have only included the major streaming companies in this list. There are probably some smaller, more obscure options that technically offer more movies or cheaper subscriptions.

What streaming service has the most shows?

Short answer: fuboTV

Look no further than fuboTV if you’re looking for the platform with the most TV shows.

Because fuboTV combines live broadcast TV with on-demand streaming, there are thousands of shows from dozens of networks for you to enjoy.

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If you’re looking for a more traditional, on-demand-only streaming platform, Netflix takes the cake with over 2,000 TV shows.

What streaming service has the most movies?

Short answer: Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to movies, nobody’s close to Amazon Prime Video. According to JustWatch, Amazon Prime Video is the home of over 9,000 movies.

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Next on the list is Netflix, coming in at just under 4,000 movies.

What streaming service is best for kids?

Short answer: Disney+

If you’re looking for a platform with abundant children’s shows and movies, Disney+ is definitely at the top of the list.

Disney+ streaming service
Image: Disney

From classic Disney movies to shows like Bluey and Doc McStuffins, the younger members of your household will have plenty of options to choose from.

Disney Plus
Starts at $7 per month

Disney Plus is the ultimate destination for all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. With a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content, there's something for everyone on this family-friendly streaming service.

Bonus Offer: New or returning subscribers, get ready for three months of Disney Plus Basic for just $7. That's three months of non-stop streaming for less than one month's regular price. Don't wait; grab this offer while you can!

What streaming service is the cheapest?

Short answer: Apple TV+

The cheapest streaming service available right now (of the more popular options) is Apple TV+. Apple TV+ costs $6.99, with no ads at all.

Apple tv+ with different actors and directors
Image: Apple

Of course, Apple TV+ doesn’t have as many options for content as the other major players. But if it continues to produce award-winning content, be on the lookout for Apple TV+ to get a price increase.

Best streaming service for anime?

Short answer: Crunchyroll

When it comes to anime, there is one option that simply stands above the rest – Crunchyroll.

Image: Crunchyroll

After acquiring Funimation, Crunchyroll is going to be your best bet for classic anime and newer offerings, as well.

What streaming service has the most subscribers?

Short answer: Amazon Prime Video

So, admittedly, Amazon Prime Video wins thanks to a technicality.

Amazon Prime Video is included with every Prime subscription, so Prime Video automatically gets a huge boost to its subscriber count.

Finding the right service for you might take time

Samsung tv with game streaming

With content offerings constantly changing, sticking to only one or two streaming services may be difficult.

Take some time to think about the ones you use the most and what kind of content you (or your family) enjoy watching. Then, see if the costs align with how much time you spend on the streaming service.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional, on-demand streaming service or a combination platform with live TV, there’s a streaming service that fits your needs.

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