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Where do I find the serial number of my Nintendo Switch?

You have two different ways of identifying the console’s serial number.

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If you are about to buy a Nintendo Switch, or already have one, you might want to peep what its serial number is. Maybe you want a record in case your precious console gets stolen, want to know if your console is one of the ‘hackable’ versions before Nintendo patched the jailbreak exploit, or maybe you want to know if the Nintendo Switch you are about to buy is the original or the upgraded version.

Whatever your reasons, you can easily find out the answer to your questions if you know where the serial number is. Then you can put that serial into one of the resources to find out if it’s patched from jailbreak, the original or the upgraded model, or whatever else you might want the serial for.

We’ll show you where to find the serial number, so you can find the answers to your questions.

So, where on the Nintendo Switch is my serial number?

Short answer: Near the USB-C port for recharging your console

Nintendo switch console serial number location

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

If you have the console in your hands, the serial number will either be on a sticker on the bottom edge (where the USB-C port is). If your sticker isn’t there for whatever reason, you can also go to System Settings > System > Serial Information and get the serial numbers of your console, your Joy-Cons, and also the battery. The original Nintendo Switch will have a serial starting with XAW, while the upgraded newer version will start with XKW.

It’s also on the packaging on the bottom edge, so if you can get to the box before you buy it in the store, you’ll be able to tell if you have the original or the upgraded version in your hands.

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