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Can the Nintendo Switch connect to Bluetooth headphones?

The console is portable, but can you use Bluetooth headphones with it?

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One of the great things about the Nintendo Switch console is its 3.5mm headphone jack.

That’s great if you have a favored set of cans or want a wired connection to your super-portable console, but what about the rest of us?

The mobile industry is moving away from the headphone jack, so you will likely have a favored set of earbuds or headphones.

So, can you use those with your Nintendo Switch, or do you have to carry two sets of headphones at all times?

Can the Nintendo Switch use Bluetooth headphones?

Short answer: Yes.

Thanks to a September 2021 update, Nintendo added Bluetooth audio support, allowing players to use Bluetooth headphones with the Switch.

But it comes with some caveats. For example, there’s no microphone support, and you can only pair two wireless controllers if Bluetooth audio is enabled.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Nintendo Switch

  1. From the Switch home screen, navigate to SettingsSwitch system settings

  2. Scroll down and select Bluetooth AudioNintendo switch bluetooth settings

  3. Make sure your headphones are in pairing modeNintendo switch pair device

  4. Select Add device on your switch and select the Bluetooth headphones from that listBluetooth audio device menu

  5. Select OK, and you should be good to goNintendo switch connected to bluetooth audio

Another option is the $69.99 Genki adapter kit.

Genki’s Bluetooth kit comes with a USB-C adapter that plugs straight into your Nintendo Switch, adding Bluetooth 5.0 audio support with aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio, and passthrough charging.

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The kit also has a tiny boom mic for voice chat, a metal stand for your console that raises it high enough to use the adapter, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter to use the Genki with, well, anything with USB audio support.

But again, this is just another option. Now that the Nintendo Switch supports Bluetooth audio, you won’t need an adapter unless you want to use a microphone.

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