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You can preorder the LG Wing with its wacky, swiveling screen on October 1

Another day, another weird phone.

Lg wing smartphone
Image: KnowTechie

LG’s latest crazy smartphone design, the LG Wing, finally has a U.S. price and release date, but it’s not great news for anyone who wanted one. You’ll be able to get your hands on the swiveling screens on October 15, but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg (or should that be a wing?). Nobody thought this unique design was going to be cheap, but the $999 release price is going to be a hard price for people to flip over.

That said, Verizon is doing its best to tempt you into an impulse buy, with a discount of up to $750 if you add a line to an unlimited plan and trade in a phone, or up to $500 if you’re an existing Verizon unlimited customer trading in a phone, or a $250 gift card (that will probably arrive next year, if at all) if you are a new Verizon customer porting your line from any other carrier.

I guess $250 isn’t bad if you do get the full discount, but you’ll probably have to trade in a recent iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device to get the max discount, which means you’re really paying well over a thousand since your trade-in device would have cost that much new.

The Verizon version does support mmWave 5G, so if you live in one of the small areas that works in, this could be a decent device. Will LG be making different versions for other carriers? We know that AT&T and T-Mobile aren’t focusing on mmWave 5G right now, so it’s likely a sub-6GHz device is also coming, maybe with a smaller price tag.

Anyway, if you actually do want this oddity of a cellular device, preorders start on October 1 from Verizon (we’ll update when a link is available). LG has said that the LG Wing will be on T-Mobile and AT&T later this fall, but all we have so far is a promise of those two carriers, with pricing and release dates still to be announced.

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