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7 ways to fully utilize your Amazon Prime membership

If you shop online, an Amazon Prime membership is easily worth it for the free two-day shipping alone. But that’s not all a Prime membership gets you.

Amazon Prime

If you’re one of the many people who do a majority of their shopping online, an Amazon Prime membership is a must. I mean come on, free two-day shipping alone is a no brainer. But wait, there’s more! Putting free shipping aside, there’s a ton of other perks a Prime member gets you. Here’s some of the extra goodies that may have slipped your mind.

  • Prime Music: The amount of music streaming services that are now available is nauseating. If you’re paying for a premium subscription elsewhere, you’re essentially throwing money away. Prime Music gives you free unlimited access over a million songs, including Prime Lists. Offline playback is supported.
  • Prime Instant Video: If Hulu and Netflix aren’t your cup of tea, Amazon video streaming service has huge selection of free movies and TV shows for Prime members to select from.
  • Prime PhotosEveryone and their mother these days is throwing you free cloud storage, but a Prime membership gets you unlimited storage for your photos in Amazon Cloud Drive. Let me repeat that, free unlimited storage for your photos. Let that sink in.
  • Prime PantryA prime membership gets all of your groceries and household product shopping at the comfort of your home.
  • Prime Early Access: Prime members also get exclusive access to Lightning Deals on and 30 minutes before the public. Most of the deals are first come, first serve, so early access is essential to get some of the best stuff.
  • Kindle Owners’ Lending Library: This is where a Prime membership gets good. If you read on a Kindle e-reader, Fire phone, or Fire tablet, Amazon lets you borrow one book from the Lending Library each month. No due dates or anything, however, the available titles change a month to month.
  • Amazon Mom: This is clutch for any new parent or caretaker. Amazon Mom gets you 20% discount savings on product subscriptions like diapers. Best part about it, its free for Prime members.

An Amazon Prime memebership will set you back $99 for the year, which is peanuts considering all the perks you get with the membership. Oh wait, don’t forget, a lot of regions of the US get same-day delivery too! Also, If you’re a student, Amazon Student memberships are free, but don’t include some of the perks mentioned above.

UPDATE: While browsing Reddit, I was able to dig up some really good goodies I left out in this post. Check them out below:

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start enjoying some of these great membership perks! 

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