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All the best reasons for cutting the cord

A cable-less life is indeed becoming more popular among users because of the aforementioned reasons.

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Everyone wants to get rid of the expensive cable TV bills. But that is not the only reason people are cord cutting. Many factors have collectively contributed to the rising trend of cord-cutting among users. It is no longer an unusual decision to make. However, providers like Spectrum cable have still managed to retain their customers to a good extent but many other cable TV providers are losing their customers quite rapidly as more and more of them head towards the more attractive streaming services.

With Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and many other popular options, it seems streaming services are indeed the future of the entertainment industry. People who once subscribe to any of these streaming services are never seen returning to their cable TV providers. So the question here arises what are the prime causes of this shifting trend? What are the areas where cable TV providers are lagging when it comes to customer satisfaction? 

After a thorough analysis, we are here with the top reasons that are compelling users into cutting the cord. Let’s look into them:

No Scheduled Television Entertainment

In the busy routines that we live, we are surely not impressed by scheduled shows to catch. With life always on the run, it sure gets hard to get home on the time at which your favorite show is to be on air. Some people do manage to keep track but for most of us, it is something hard to cope up with. The outcome usually being us missing on the most crucial episodes we would have loved to watch.

This results in us being annoyed and deprived of our much-wanted entertainment. Often, our commitment or hangout plans might coincide with the timings of our favorite show. So we usually end up giving up on our shows because of being unable to catch up with them when it comes to cable TV. 

However, the streaming services set you free from such scheduled entertainment that is less convenient. You get to control when and what you want to watch. That is one of the biggest reasons for users deciding to cut the cord and move towards the streaming services. Once you have subscribed to a suitable streaming service, you are at the authority to pause, record, or rewind all your favorite content. So you do not miss anything. Be it 3 a.m. after midnight or 3 p.m. at noon, you can watch your favorite stuff anytime and anywhere you wish. 

Greater Control 

With a cable TV subscription, you sit in front of your TV whenever you get some free time, and watch the shows that are rolling in. Often when our favorite show has ended and we are in the mood to watch some more good stuff, we would have to go with whatever show is on air next. In case we find it boring and want to watch something better, we would often find ourselves switching channels aimlessly, not knowing where to land until finally, we realize we have already wasted much time. So, we decide to switch off the TV and get some sleep. 

This is never the case with a streaming service since we have so many choices and are well oriented on what we want to watch and how long do we feel like watching it.  

Say Good-bye to Commercials

We all have faced the sheer annoyance of the most critical and breath-taking scene of our much-awaited show being interrupted by lousy commercial breaks. So you sit there for as much as ten to fifteen minutes (no exaggerations), waiting for your show to return before the ads kill your mood. 

With the streaming services, you can say good-bye to the annoying commercials. If not completely, still you will have to face fewer of them intruding your shows. You might never have to see those ads again at all. This also means that you will be saving a lot of time since what takes an hour to watch with commercials on cable TV might only take 30 to 40 minutes when watching it on any of the streaming services. Even if any of the streaming services have commercials running, they are much fewer than those on cable TV. 

Cheaper Cost-Better Value for the Money Paid

One of the most convincing factors that have resulted in the widespread popularity of streaming services is the cost. Their various plans come at much cheaper rates as compared to cable TV services. With our cable TV subscriptions, we are usually paying for so many channels that we hardly watch. With streaming services, you are only paying for the channels you watch and you can also cancel any of them if you are no longer watching that channel. Thus your money is not wasted. 

Another catch here is the fact that we are already paying for our internet connection. Opting a streaming service would allow us to make the most out of our internet connection while the cost-effective plans offered by the streaming services would help us save our money. 

Better Sleeping Routines

Yes. it is true. Cord-cutting might result in better sleeping habits. You must be wondering why is that so? Well, it is because you will no longer find yourself surfing through the channels mindlessly, wasting time on commercial breaks, and catching up with the schedules of your favorite shows.

All this ultimately helps you watch more content while using your streaming service and still manage to have better sleep routines. Now you can watch episodes back to back, and enjoy the remaining ones whenever you have time. You are in no rush, knowing you have it all in stock, just a click away. So, you can get to sleep according to your choice. 

The Bottom Line

A cable-less life is indeed becoming more popular among users because of the aforementioned reasons. Be it it’s affordable pricing, maximum control, a greater variety of content, escape from commercials, or all-time access to your favorite shows-we do see streaming services making waves for all the right reasons. Thus, we observe an increasing trend of cord-cutting as the streaming services continue to grab the attention of more and more users. Once a user is into any of the streaming services, there is no returning to cable or satellite TV!

However, there is a tiny downside to streaming services as well. If you’re a huge fan of premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, etc. then you will have to forego all the amazing programming these channels offer. Some premium channels have their streaming apps, e.g. HBO Now, but these are available at an extra cost that doesn’t serve the purpose of cutting the bill. Whereas, when you’ve subscribed to Spectrum’s TV bundles you receive premium channels included in the base price.

Therefore, there are still people who are reluctant to cord-cutting, probably because they are much satisfied with their current cable TV providers and bills. Also, it can be because of the hesitancy to use newer technology. However more and more streaming service users do not miss cable TV at all!

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