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KnowTechie Roundtable: There are a million streaming services, which ones are for you?

We open up our wallets and our souls.

netflix logo with faces
Image: KnowTechie

We’re an opinionated bunch here at KnowTechie. In fact, the only thing we enjoy more than expressing our own opinions is shooting each others’ down with vociferous, unrestrained vitriol.

As such, we’ve decided to launch a new weekly series, the KnowTechie Roundtable, to do just that. Join us every Friday to hear us dish dish, bish on our favorite topics in tech while hurling insults at one another but mostly Kevin.

So, we ask: With all the video streaming services out there, which ones are for you?


crunchyroll streaming
Image: Crunchyroll

I’m an active cord-cutter that is still navigating the world of streaming services. I find that some of my streaming services step on each other’s toes.

Currently,  I subscribe to Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV, Hulu,  Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. I’m definitely wasting money here because Crunchyroll and VRV contain access to the same anime content. Funimation offers a few exclusives and English dubs my kids can watch, but most of those are also on Hulu and Netflix as well.

My life is out of control.


netflix streaming service loading screen on laptop
Image: Unsplash

Not like you to start us off Josh, those recent internet outages cut into your anime watching?

Anyway, I’m finding it hard to understand how the hordes of Jericho, er I mean, streaming services think that this is a viable alternative to just buying a damn cable subscription. Is that what Apple thinks it’s doing with Apple TV+, “innovating” by reinventing cable, just through iTunes. Oh, wait… not iTunes, that’s dead.

I mean I pay for Netflix 4K, mainly because somehow they let our in-laws watch from half a world away. Oh, I guess it was also for Marvel stuff, so I’d better subscribe to Disney+++++ and have my wallet hate me. I also pay for Hulu’s basic package, but I don’t really know how I can call it “paying” cause somehow my bill is $12 a year. I mean breathing costs more than that.

I’ve got Amazon Prime Movies and Music too, cause we’re an Amazon house and Prime is the alpha and the omega (and everything in between). You can quote me on that next time I get into trouble with your PR department.

I bet Josiah’s idea of a streaming service is the trout coming down the rolling foothills in the West Virginian dawn…

Curtis: “The trout coming down the rolling foothills in the West Virginian dawn” – the name of your sex tape.


josiah game of thrones streaming services
Image: KnowTechie

Joe, we’ve taLKED ABOUT THIS.

Anyways, streaming services are all cool. They are also all terrible. Netflix is like 90% OG content these days. Many of the shows have a cool concept and feel, but only a small percentage actually knock it out of the park. It’s worth the money regardless and then there’s Seinfeld

I just recently canceled HBO because I was so angry about Game of Thrones, but let’s be honest here, I’ll pick it back up in no time because I’m a tool.

That being said Disney+ is by far the most interesting option for me right now and will definitely be one I sub to on day 1.

Josh: I could see Josiah shitposting on r/freefolk about how mad he is about season 8 of Game of Thrones. At the same time, with the incredible amount of The Office he consumed when we were at PAX in Boston, Josiah is gonna be a Peacock guy.


startup in space
Image: AmyGForce

Time is a flat circle. We have streamed, we will stream and we will never stream and have never. All content has been consumed, will never be consumed and is being consumed right now.

The streaming service you subscribe to is of no matter to the universe. Your existence will not be defined by your Sling TV subscription and your bothersome worrying about whether or not to subscribe to NBCUniversal because you had a thing for Punky Brewster.

You will die and your children will struggle to cancel your subscription services. In a thousand years, relevant to time only by a blink of a celestial eye, the only streaming services will be that of our consciousnesses, plugged into the central consciousness of the universe, considering this discussion as much as it would a hydrogen molecule combining with an oxygen molecule.

Kevin: Curtis, WTF.

Curtis: That being said, if I were to subscribe to anything it’d be Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, my friend’s cable login to watch Futbol and torrenting everything else. If now is now and time is more than just a conjecture of irrelevance that is.


Mel Gibson is just confused

I am a coward, therefore I am unable to contribute to this week’s roundtable. I’ll see ya again next week (Kevin wrote this btw, I mean, obviously).


harold at e3 2019 streaming some quality content

I guess the question to ask me is what streaming services I don’t subscribe to. Yea, I’m that guy who just subscribes to everything and then just forgets to cancel them. Yup, that’s me. I’m that jerk.

But my ride-or-die without a doubt is Netflix. I mean, this is like streaming services 101. Who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription? Oh right – cowards. But seriously, it’s good and definitely worth it in my opinion. And you know I pay that premium for the 4K UHD access. I have the TV for it, might as well put it to use.

Notable mentions include Hulu because for some reason I got it for free with my Spotify subscription. HBO is a must because they’re doing their thang and I like the shit they put out. I’m on and off with YouTube TV – I only get it to watch basketball and Cobra Kai.

Oh right, Amazon Prime Video is good too because I get that for free with my Amazon Prime subscription so I dabble with it every once in a while. Plus, I access my HBO subscription through it, so yeah, I kind of need to use it anyways. But yea, that’s about it. I don’t watch too much TV anyway. But when I do, these are the streaming services I use.

Alright, that about wraps things up for this week’s KnowTechie Roundtable. What do you think? Did we miss anything? If that’s the case, Let us know down in the comments or feel free to reach out to us personally. Seriously, whether it’s about CurtisJakeJaredJosiahJoshJoe, or Kevin  – we want to hear from you.

Have any takes on what video streaming services folks should be using? If you have any thoughts, this is where you come in. If there’s anything missing here, let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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