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Apple aims to dominate AI with massive investment & hiring spree

While Apple’s rivals have been quick to deploy AI-powered features, Apple has been a bit slower off the mark.

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Apple is finally ready to take a big bite out of the generative AI apple. After debuting a lone “Transformer” model-based autocorrect feature on iOS 17, the company is now hinting at a broader AI infusion across its product line.

How do we know? Well, according to TechCrunch, Apple’s been on a hiring spree recently, and they’re not looking for your average tech whizzes.

They want AI specialists, with job listings indicating they’re working on everything from an AI-based developer experience platform for internal use to a conversational AI platform for customer engagement.

The tasks listed in these job ads read like a sci-fi fan’s dream: long-form text generation, summarization, question-answering, and even creating a “human-like conversational agent.”

This group is a collective of hands-on research scientists from a wide variety of fields related to natural language processing. Join them to work with natural language understanding, machine translation, named entity recognition, question answering, topic segmentation, and automatic speech recognition. This team’s research typically relies on very large quantities of data and innovative methods in deep learning to tackle user challenges around the world — in languages from around the world. Areas of work include Natural Language Engineering, Language Modeling, Text-to-Speech Software Engineering, Speech Frameworks Engineering, Data Science, and Research.Apple Jobs

And, in true Apple fashion, they’re looking for people who can make these models work locally on devices. Because who wants their personal AI running off somewhere in the cloud?

This image is advertising job openings for various positions related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Image: KnowTechie

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman dropped news over the weekend, reporting that Apple is gearing up to invest over $1 billion annually to push generative AI-based products and features.

According to insiders, not shipping generative AI-based products would be considered a “pretty big miss internally.”

Apple’s AI ambitions don’t stop there. They’re planning to tap into large language models (LLMs) to power features for Siri and the Messages app, and they’re exploring AI-aided features in apps and services like Xcode, Apple Music, Pages, and Keynote.

While Apple’s rivals have been quick to deploy AI-powered features, Apple has been a bit slower off the mark. But with these recent developments, it seems the Cupertino-based company is ready to play catch-up in a big way.

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