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The Apple Watch saves a woman’s life after uncovering deadly tumor

The Apple Watch noticed a woman’s irregular heartbeat.

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One of the most useful aspects of the Apple Watch is its integrated health features. We’ve heard multiple stories of users who credit their watch with saving their lives after a fall or other accident.

Now we have another story of how an Apple Watch has potentially saved another life. According to CBS Boston, doctors uncovered and removed an aggressive tumor from a Maine woman’s body after her Apple Watch discovered some abnormalities.

Back in May, Kim Durkee, an Apple Watch owner, noticed warnings from her smartwatch. The warnings claimed that her heart was experiencing atrial fibrillation (an irregular, rapid heartbeat).

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Durkee initially thought the watch was malfunctioning, but the warnings continued for a second and third night.

“Then I said you know what, go to the emergency room if they tell you it’s nothing to worry about then toss the watch,” Durkee says.

Doctors quickly confirmed that the atrial fibrillation was real when she got to the hospital. They determined that she had an aggressive tumor, called a myxoma that was cutting off the blood supply to her heart.

After a five-hour open heart surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, doctors successfully removed the tumor. They claimed that the tumor would have “almost certainly” killed Durkee if it hadn’t been found.

Durkee says that the Apple Watch “truly saved my life.” This is yet another example of the potential health benefits of the device.

While we probably shouldn’t treat it as a medical device, there’s no denying the potential life-saving benefits that the Apple Watch offers.

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