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Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a technology writer and blogger who runs ProductivityBytes.com. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to read all of her latest posts!

Stories By Kayla Matthews

  • thevan kumo keyboard thevan kumo keyboard

    TheVan’s Kumo is a customizable mechanical keyboard that you can take anywhere

    Portable, mechanical, and chock-full of RGB. What's not to like?

  • evernote tips evernote tips

    Here’s how to get the most out of document storage and sharing service Evernote

    Want to maximize your Evernote usage? Try these tips.

  • sengled sengled

    These funky Sengled Bluetooth bulbs will revive your boring parties

    Choose from over 16 million colors through the accompanying Android and iOS app.

  • ovie smarterware ovie smarterware

    Ovie Smarterware makes your leftover food smarter

    Ovie Smarterware is an innovative, useful product, though there are situations where complications may arise.

  • amazon echo amazon echo

    Here’s how to use your Amazon Echo to keep your home secure

    The Echo does more than just play music.

  • skully ar helmet skully ar helmet

    The Skully Fenix AR Helmet wants to redefine safety for motorcyclists

    It sounds like something from TRON, but it is not far from the reality.

  • Iphone X Facial Iphone X Facial

    5 useful ways to use Face ID with the iPhone X

    Face ID is for more than just unlocking your phone, check out some of the additional perks that come with Face...

  • google clips google clips

    Google’s Clips camera combines AI and smart home tech

    Consider purchasing a Google Clips if you’d love taking more candid shots of kids and pets or are curious about AI...

  • dji mavic air dji mavic air

    DJI Mavic Air: Small drone design with sky-high quality

    It's a great balance of power and portability while offering a lot of new, exciting features.

  • Google’s making AI coding easier with Cloud Automl

    If you’d assumed artificial intelligence was a capability far outside of your reach, Google is trying to change that perception.

  • shared your data facebook shared your data facebook

    Intel teams up with Facebook to build AI chips

    Intel and Facebook are joining forces to announce that the two were teaming up to build special chips for artificial intelligence-related...

  • The latest space discovery tech is….balloons?

    These high-tech helpers are more than meets the eye.

  • planning apps planning apps

    5 planning apps to help you get more done

    There's a lot of planning apps out there, but a lot of them essentially do the same thing. Here's 5 planning...

  • cisco live event cisco live event

    What to expect at Cisco Live 2017

    Cisco Live 2017 is right around the corner. The event takes place in Las Vegas this year from June 25-29. Here's...

  • google home spanish speaking google home spanish speaking

    Voice controls are coming to your GE oven and dishwasher

    Thanks to a recent integration with Google Home and GE ovens and dishwashers, you can now control your appliances using voice...

  • 3 little-known websites for finding new hobbies

    Bored? Looking for some websites for finding new hobbies? We'll highlight three that just flew on our radar.

  • windows 10 data collection windows 10 data collection

    Here’s what data Windows 10 collects from you

    You might not know it, but Windows 10 is secretly collecting data from you. Here's all the info they're gathering.

  • Whirligig Centrifuge Whirligig Centrifuge

    This breakthrough medical tech is really just….paper?

    There's been a lot of breakthroughs in medical history throughout the years, but this latest one has been sitting under our...

  • Why you should care about the gadget trash piling up in Asia

    Do you ever wonder what happens to your smartphone when you're done using it? It ends up somewhere in Asia and...

  • How will 3D-printed circuit boards stack up to the real thing?

    3D printing is all the rage, but is it all hyped up to be when it comes to 3D printed circuit...

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