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Call of Duty gives players a God mode shield to troll cheaters

Players get an automatic damage shield when fighting cheaters, making the cheater’s bullets useless.

call of duty modern warfare plunder mode from activision
Image: Activision

In competitive multiplayer games like Call of Duty Warzone, cheaters are probably the most frustrating obstacle you’ll run into. But, Call of Duty’s new god mode feature gives regular gamers a competitive edge against cheaters.

Thanks to a recent update to Call of Duty’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system, gamers that run into a cheater in the game will be outfitted with a powerful damage shield. The shield is only effective against the cheater, rendering the hacker’s bullets completely useless.

Check out this video from streamer TimTheTatman to see the new feature in action. The clip begins at the 1:35 mark. In the video, you can watch Tim absolutely destroy a hacker thanks to Call of Duty’s new god mode shield.

The cheater can still use things like wallhacks to see through buildings or aim-bots to make their gun totally accurate. But they’ll be useless since their bullets don’t do any damage. And that can lead to hilarity, as a cheater unloads on you with useless bullets.

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Call of Duty Warzone has had a troubled past with cheaters. Over the course of 2021, the game was riddled with so many cheaters that content creators had begun abandoning the popular battle royale.

But with the addition of the RICOCHET anti-cheat and this new god mode feature, gamers are starting to enjoy Call of Duty Warzone again. There’s nothing better than destroying a cheater in games like this.

Call of Duty’s new god mode feature might be the greatest attack on video game cheaters since ScriptKid created a bunch of fake hacks to troll cheaters in CS: GO.

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