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Can Apple AirPods be tracked if you misplace them?

Or does ‘True Wireless’ mean ‘truly lost’?

how to track apple airpods
Image: Apple

With how expensive Apple AirPods are, it’d really suck if you lost one (or both) of the earbuds.

Which begs the questions – is there a way to find them in case you misplace them?

So, can I track my Apple AirPods if I lose them?

  • Short answer: Yes, you can.

Thankfully, someone at Apple has already thought about this scenario, building in tracking functionality using the Find My iPhone app. That’ll let you see where the AirPods were last on the map, and play a sound when you’re near so you can find them again.

All you have to do is make sure Find My iPhone is set up on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that you’re using your AirPods with. Then the tracking will automatically be enabled for your AirPods.

You can track them individually, so if you only lose one you can find it again pretty quickly. If you’re out of Bluetooth range to your other devices, the battery is run down, or if you lost the case with the AirPods inside it, you’ll see the time and location that they were last connected to your device.

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Head on over to Apple’s support pages for the full rundown on what you need to set up, and what you need to do if the unthinkable happens.

Have you ever lost your AirPods? What did you do? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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