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Can the iPad Pro be used as a monitor?

That’s an expensive monitor…

ipad pro on table as a monitor
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When Apple decided to use the USB-C connector on the iPad Pro instead of its proprietary Lightning connector, questions over how far Apple was willing to support the USB-C spec went through my mind.

Along with the different power specs, USB-C lets you pass a secondary spec, like Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, or HDMI, allowing external devices to be used.

That potentially lets you use your iPad Pro as a monitor on another device, with touch capabilities and that fantastic, calibrated iPad Pro screen. So, can you?

Can the iPad Pro be used as a monitor?

Short answer: Yes

Okay, so the best way to use your iPad Pro as a monitor is with a dongle. Yes, you happy Apple users, another dongle.

This $50 dongle from Luna Display plugs into your iMac or MacBook and lets you connect to your iPad Pro to use it as a second screen, with full touchscreen functionality. Nifty.

Shame it only works on macOS though, as I know Windows users would love to use their iPad Pro as a secondary screen.

You can also use Apple’s own Sidecar functionality if you have a newer Mac and iPad running iPadOS 13.

Just click on the AirPlay icon in the menu bar on your Mac, then choose the option to connect to your iPad. That’ll turn your iPad into a second screen, and you can drag programs to it or anything else you would normally.

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If you want to connect your iPad Pro to a Windows PC, you’ll need an app called Duet Display. For $9.99, you can connect your Windows or macOS computer to your iPad Pro.

You can also connect your Android or Chromebook devices to your computer as well, giving you all the second-screen connectivity you’ll need.

The base app lets you connect via cable to your computer, or you can pay $29.99 per year to get the Pro version which lets you wirelessly connect your iPad Pro to your computer.

What do you think? Plan on using your iPad Pro as a monitor? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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