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What’s old is new again with the Colorware AirPods Retro

The 80’s is calling, and it has Bluetooth.

Colorware airpods retro
Image: Colorware

I grew up starting my love for computing and tech with an Apple IIc, so that off-white Apple look with the rainbow logo is very dear to my heart. So much so, my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw these AirPods Retro from hardware customizer Colorware.

With the rainbow button and the faux side vents, it’s a modern homage to the 80’s styling that so many of us love. Apple might be going into the future with all their stark whites and metallic cases, but there’s something about the matte putty colorway that tugs on my soul. The AirPods Retro were inspired by the Apple IIe, while still keeping the sleek lines and convenience of the current AirPods.

The AirPods are one of the best pieces of hardware that Apple has released for quite a while now, and being able to rep the early years while using the new technology is great.

This limited edition colorway is only available for a short time, so head on over to Colorware if you’re interested. That nostalgia comes with a steep price tag, however, with the AirPods Retro coming in at $399. For that, it comes in the original packaging, with Colorware’s 12-month warranty against defects. You can also extend that warranty to 24 months at the time of purchase.

If custom, retro styling isn’t your thing, however, Colorware does offer AirPods in many other different paint and finishing options, even allowing you to customize your own.

What do you think of the Colorware Airpods Retro? Is $399 too steep a price tag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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