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EverQuote users can now qualify for discounted car insurance through the EverDrive app

The app will monitor your driving habits to provide discounts on your auto insurance

everquote everdrive safe driving bonuses
Image: EverQuote

EverQuote, Inc. is now offering safe driving discounts that are based on how well a person drives. It’s doing so by accessing driving data from users of the company’s social safe driving app, EverDrive. The app, now being used by over 500,000 drivers, enables consumers to improve their driving behaviors while putting them in control of their driving data.

Drivers who enroll in EverDrive’s insurance offers feature will anonymously share their driving data. With this information, they could qualify for discounts of up to 50 percent on their auto insurance through EverDrive’s integration with Octo’s Driveability Marketplace and State Auto’s innovative safe driving insurance products.

Seth Birnbaum, EverQuote CEO and Co-Founder, explains:

We believe EverDrive’s safe driving discounts are a major step-forward for the insurance industry, as the personalization of pricing and digital risk management represent the future of insurance.

Birnbaum goes on to state that with over 160 insurance carriers featured in EverQuote’s marketplace, the channel is also being opened up to additional partners to join the program to add even more safe driving products.

First launched in April 2016, the free EverDrive app offers trip summaries, details on maneuvers, and offers feedback on how to become a better driver. Better still, it automatically detects when driving starts and stops using a phone’s sensors.  All of this comes together to hopefully reshape how drivers, and insurance companies, look at things like safe driving discounts and better ways for insurance companies to connect with their customers.

Features include the ability to see past drives with detailed feedback on maps, receiving personalized tips to improve driving, competitions between friends, family, and drivers around you, and more.

You can download the EverDrive app on the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

Given that the central reason for using EverDrive is to become a better driver, it makes sense that the company behind it is now offering insurance perks based on that information. Don’t you think? 

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