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Facebook is rolling out a new web layout for some users – here’s what it looks like

It’s better, but it is still Facebook…

facebook dark mode
Image: Facebook

Way back in May, Facebook promised an overhaul of the site’s UI at its annual F8 developers conference. The months have gone by without a peep from Facebook, but it seems that at least some users are getting the redesigned website, which also includes a dark mode.

Yes, finally you can give your retinas a rest, and put away that glaring white and blue UI on Facebook. Well, okay, not now but you can once you get the update…

Facebook is giving some users a dark mode option for the site

Facebook users the world over have been sharing screenshots of the new redesign, which mainly focuses on the dark mode addition. The thing is, the redesign looks an awful lot like another popular social site, the one that these users are sharing their screenshots on. Copying @jack‘s homework, much?

Anyway, the layout is a whole lot cleaner than the existing mess, so I can’t wait until I get access so I can start ignoring the site again.

You know what’s missing from this screenshot (and all the rest in this list)? Advertising. Does that mean the savvy internet users are all using decent adblockers, or does it mean that the new redesign is a pivot from the existing advertising-heavy site? I guess we’ll find out once more of us get the redesign.

I mean, look at that. It’s Twitter but with two columns instead of one…

Maybe this is just so it works properly on mobile browsers…

Then again, the new light mode is pretty nice too. Still feels like Twitter though…

And a nice screenshot series with the initial invite to the beta, plus the stages of joining which include choosing light or dark mode


Sadly, it’s invite-only right now. There’s no way to force Facebook into the new UI, or into dark mode. Now, we wait…

What do you think? Interested in using the new Facebook layout? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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