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Facebook’s new lip-syncing tool looks a lot like

Yet another example of Facebook taking something popular and making it their own.

facebook lip-syncing tool
Image: Facebook

Facebook has added a lip-syncing feature to its live video broadcasting tool. It allows you to add a popular song to lip sync with when shooting a live video. The feature is a lot like, but not completely, according to The Next Web.

Unlike, Facebook’s new functionality only works with live broadcasts., by contrast, offers more tools for recording and customizing clips. Nonetheless, Facebook’s move is part of the company’s push to incorporate copyrighted music into the content being shared on the social network.

They explain,

Facebook’s move is part of a larger mission to allow users to incorporate copyrighted music into the content they share on the social network. It’s cut deals with record labels and distributors to allow the use of songs from the likes of Drake, Camila Cabello, and Guns N Roses to be used in live and recorded clips.

Take a look:

Lip Sync Live

Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

First introduced in 2014, the Chinese-based allows you to record short videos in one or multiple shots. After doing so, you can pair the videos with songs, sounds, and filters. In 2017, was acquired by Chinese firm Bytedance for $1 billion. The alliance brought together’s 60 million users in the U.S. and Europe with Bytedance’s Toutiao new aggregator, which touts 120 million Chinese users.

No one should be surprised that Facebook copied, deceptively or otherwise. Adding lip-syncing to broadcast video is a logical step for the social network to take. Whether Facebook members use it remains to be seen.

Do you plan on using Facebook’s new lip-syncing feature? Do you use Let us know. 

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