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File Explorer may finally get tabs in Windows 11

Windows 11 might be the best Windows ever if this happens.

windows 11 logo
Image: Microsoft

The exponential growth of personal computing in the 1990s was a very exciting time. Windows 95 changed the way we navigated PCs. It created an ecosystem that while always evolving, would remain fundamentally consistent throughout its lifespan.

Sure, we can’t purchase a Windows laptop without a heap of bloatware now. But at least Windows ME is a thing of the past.

The point is, even if you are an Apple fan, one of the five nerds using Linux, or a schoolchild forced into Chrome OS, Windows owns a worldwide market share for primary computing OS (not including smartphones).

That means you’ve probably used it enough to have a list of things you like, things you don’t like, and things you’d like to see changed.

If you had put freaking tabs in File Explorer on your wish list as many of us who use Windows for work functions all day long do, then there is good news.

Windows is apparently about to do exactly that, albeit in Windows 11, which you probably haven’t upgraded to yet because you are getting some message that says your computer can’t handle it. Whatever. Don’t tell me what my computer can or cannot handle. It can take any OS like a champ.

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Regardless, Windows Central is reporting that hidden within the latest Windows 11 preview build is a tabbed interface for File Explorer.

This is great news for productivity, even though multiple tabs will likely affect computer memory just as much as multiple instances of File Explorer being open.

windows 11 file explorer with tabs
Image: Windows Central

Multiple File Explorer tabs in one instance are sexier than the amount of Pornhub tabs Josiah has open right now as he’s editing this.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has experimented with more tabs

Windows almost rolled out a similar File Explorer enhancement once before with its “Sets” UX. But that added tabs to every Windows app window, which was a bit of overkill.

windows 10 sets ux
Image: KnowTechie

Windows smartly shelved that one, but along with it at the time, File Explorer tabs got benched as well.

While not all of us will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 by the time this feature rolls out, it’s at least something to look forward to when we finally get around to upgrading our aging motherboard.

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If you’re horny for new Windows features, then you can spend the next few months edging with your Chrome tabs because Microsoft’s next feature update won’t come out until the second half of the year.

It’s unknown at this time if feature version 22H2 will include tabs for File Explorer as it’s still in testing. But anything is possible if you just believe.

Whether it’s in the next update or the next one after that, it doesn’t really matter. At some point, File Explorer is finally going to have tabs after all these years.

Sure, tabs weren’t something that was necessarily considered during Windows’ formative years. But as we grew into the online world, tabs were something we expected from our browsers, so why not our File Explorer?

Now, if Windows could just add tabs to Notepad, then we’ll be all set.

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