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Leak details camera roadmap for Galaxy S25 Ultra and beyond

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra could turn out to be a beast with such camera upgrades.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra First Live Image
Image: David Martin via Twitter/X

Amid the Samsung Galaxy S24 hype, a renowned tipster has leaked the company’s plans for the future of the Galaxy Ultra models, including the Galaxy S25 Ultra and S26 Ultra.

It’s no secret that Samsung is gearing up to launch its next mainstream Galaxy S24 series, and recent leaks have even suggested that the Korean company will unveil the devices earlier than usual in January

However, the tipster Revegnus posted a different claim on his X/Twitter account that was not just related to the company’s upcoming launch.

Instead, it’s also about the company’s plans for the future of the Galaxy Ultra phone cameras, going all the way up to the Galaxy S25 Ultra and even the Galaxy S26 Ultra projected to launch in 2026. 

According to this so-called roadmap, the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a 50MP folded telephoto camera. 

However, the tipster did not disclose the zoom factor, which has been recently subjected to multiple controversial leaks, including the rumor of the device having either a 3x 50MP camera or a 5x 50MP camera.

A major camera upgrade for the Galaxy S25 Ultra? 

Samsung Galaxy S24 series dummy units in a purple background
Source: Sonny Dickson on X

Interestingly, Revegnus focused on the Galaxy S25 Ultra, slated for 2025. According to the leaker, the next-next “Galaxy Ultra” variant will get a folded telephoto camera with “variable capabilities.” 

Supposedly, it means the telephoto camera on the Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature variable zoom. So, this is a major update, without a doubt, to push out consistently high image quality at a variety of zoom factors.

However, Samsung is not the first company to offer such a feature. Sony has been using it for years on its Xperia smartphones. But Sony’s camera ranges from 3.5x to 5.2x, which is not that great. 

So, expect Samsung to use better hardware for its telephoto camera to cover a wider zoom range.

In addition, Revegnus has stated that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will get an upgraded primary camera and a 50MP ultrawide camera. 

A 50MP sensor would be excellent for ultrawide captures and would allow Samsung to implement pixel-binning, resulting in clear and bright low-light snaps.

The 50MP sensor would also enable the company to employ 8K recording through the ultrawide camera alongside digital stabilization.

There’s also the Galaxy S26 Ultra to consider

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Images
Source: David Martin via Twitter/X

Revegnus has also dished out details regarding the Galaxy S26 Ultra, which is slated for 2026. According to the tipster, the device will sport an upgraded 200MP primary sensor, having a size of 1/1.10-inch and featuring 0.7-micron pixels.

The upgraded sensor would improve the device’s light-gathering capability, ultimately enhancing the image quality, assuming the rest of the hardware remains the same.

Now, Revegnus is a reliable tipster, and his leaks have been proven accurate multiple times. Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

It’s way too early to predict anything so accurately, and Samsung has ample time to change its plans.

So, we recommend taking the Galaxy S25 Ultra and S26 Ultra information with a grain of salt and just focusing on the launch that’s right at the doorstep, the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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