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Google Pixel 7 reveal hints at October 6 preorder date

What a trolly way to reveal the new phone.

google pixel 7 pro next to pixel buds on white desk
Image: Google

Google has shared a funny little teaser video to try and build some hype around the upcoming release of the new Pixel 7.

Although the video leaves a lot to the imagination, we did learn that preorders for the phone will begin on October 6. They’ll likely go live during or directly after the company’s launch event.

Throughout the video, Google shares a first look at the upcoming Google Pixel 7 Pro with a few Google fans.

The funny bit is that the phone is pixelated throughout the entire video. Even though we’ve seen renderings of the phone already.

That is, up until the very end. The video’s final seconds give us an up-close look at the back of the Pixel 7 Pro. Of course, this doesn’t show us much, aside from the three-camera array built into the phone.

There are still a few more weeks leading up to the official “Made by Google” event for the Pixel 7 and related hardware.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more similar videos, as the company works to get people excited about the new phone.

google pixel 7 pro teaser image
Image: Google

We expect a few additional pieces of hardware during the October 6 event. Google will be revealing its brand new Pixel Watch. And potentially, we could see some new Google Nest devices at the same event.

One thing that won’t be coming this year is a foldable Pixel phone. We’ll have to wait until at least next year for that.

But keep your eyes peeled for more teaser reveals like this one. The Pixel 7 is the main focus of this year’s event. But it’s hardly the only new product that Google will share.

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