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Google will unveil the new Google Pixel along with other new hardware on October 15

Great, yet another tech event.

google pixel 4 images on black background
Image: Google

Hot on the heels of Apple’s recent event, comes Google with its own huge hardware event planned for the 15th of October. That’s the usual time that Google does its yearly Pixel release event, so that’ll likely be the main thrust of the show.

We’ll also see assorted hardware from everything else Google, from Chromecasts to Nest, and everything in between.

Google is gearing up for a hardware unveil event on October 15

Okay, so we know the Pixel 4 is going to be unveiled at this event. I say unveiled, but we pretty much know everything that’s going on with Google’s latest flagship, partly because Google scooped itself on multiple occasions. Like the inclusion of Project Soli’s radar-based gesture navigation, which can do everything from skipping music tracks to unlocking the phone when you walk near.

Then there are the multiple leaks of the multiple camera system, the 6.23-inch OLED on the XL version, and a 90Hz refresh rate. Oh, and we know there are some big-assed bezels, which I kinda like.

So what else will Google show off on the 15th?

  • A new Pixelbook perhaps, if rumors are to be believed
  • The Nest Mini, maybe with some other Nest devices
  • Updates to the Google Home (maybe rebranded to Nest Home?), Chromebook and Chromecast lines
  • More information about Stadia, ahead of its release in November

We could even see some surprises, like Google’s WiFi system being refreshed to have WiFi 6. Will the Pixel 4’s camera be enough to claim the top spot back from the iPhone 11? We’ll find out next month…

What do you think? Interested in seeing what Google plans on showing off at its next event? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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