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Here’s 8 of the best iPhone 6 cases money can buy

Looking to get your hands on the best iPhone 6 cases? We rounded up the best that money can buy.

iPhone 6 Case

The iPhone is certainly one of the most popular smartphones on the market today. Unfortunately, as technology grows more advanced and the demands for putting more into a small package becomes more apparent, the iPhone’s vulnerability against bumps and scrapes mean that finding extra protection is needed.

Having a protective case can be very important as repairing or replacing an iPhone may prove costly. All this can be avoided by investing in an inexpensive case that protects the delicate inner workings of the phone itself.

Here are 7 of the best iPhone 6 cases on the market today, offering solid protection against the daily impacts that occur which might otherwise damage your iPhone.

Cover-Up #WoodBack Real Wood Matt Black Case   [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”” open_new_tab=”false”]

This case from CoverUp is personally one of my favorites, I’m currently using one right now. It’s hand-crafted in the UK and made with a real wood backing, giving it a really unique look from all the other options out there. It’s slim, sleek, and sexy. It’s really lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you’re holding a brick in your pockets, and for the price of $26.99, it’s a no-brainer. CoverUp offers a wide selection of different colors, materials, and more. Click here to to check out some of the other amazing cases the company has to offer.

Caudabe Premium Ultra-Thin Case  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”Caudabe Premium Ultra-Thin Case” open_new_tab=”true”]

Caudabe Premium Ultra-Thin Case

Thin, sleek and beautifully minimal, the Caudabe provides excellent protection while being only .35mm thick. The perfect alternative to those who do not like thick, bulky cases, this particular version comes is a cool blue coloring and provides easy access to all the features of the iPhone 6, including the headphone jack, lighting port and speakers. Click here to learn more

Incipio NGP Case  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy now” url=”″ open_new_tab=”false”]

iPhone 6 Case, Incipio [Impact Resistant] NGP Case for iPhone 6-Black

Crafted from Flex20 polymer, this case wraps around the iPhone 6 to provide full protection while still offering access to all the features. The polymer material is both strong and flexible enough to withstand many of the common bumps and impacts the iPhone 6 undergoes during the day. Click here to learn more

Incipio NGP Case in Red  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”” open_new_tab=”false”]


Using the Flex20 polymer material, this case offers complete protection for your iPhone 6 in brilliant neon-red. Pliable and flexible, the polymer material provides for good shock absorptions while making it simple to operate all the features of the smartphone.

iPhone 6 Wallet Case  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”″ open_new_tab=”false”]

iPhone 6 Wallet Case

In addition to providing protection for the iPhone 6, this particular casing also offers enough room to carry three cards which may be credit cards, IDs and the like. The full-frame protection provides excellent protection thanks to the combination of soft-touch rubber and premium fabrics that work together to create a sleek, yet very durable case. Click here to learn more.

iPhone Leather Case  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”” open_new_tab=”false”]

iPhone 6 Leather Case

Featured in midnight blue, leather provides protection from scratches and impacts while being flexible enough to operate all the features on the iPhone. However, arguably the most important aspect is the tactile feel of the leather which makes it easy to withdraw from your pocket. Plus, the breathable material keeps your iPhone dry and helps prevent overheating. Click here to learn more

Speck Candyshell Case  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”” open_new_tab=”false”]

Speck Candyshell Case

Featured in black and slate grey, this hard shell provides excellent protection against impact and is perfect for those who carry their iPhone 6 inside their pockets. The inner material is crafted from rubber for extra shock absorption. Click here to learn more.

STM Harbour Protective Case  [button type=”primary” text=”Buy Now” url=”” open_new_tab=”false”]


Tough, durable and attractive, the STM case comes in dark red and provided excellent protection for your iPhone 6. The protection provided offers good shock absorption from bumps while being scratch-resistant as well.

When it comes to the best iPhone 6 cases, you cannot go wrong with choosing one of the seven mentioned in this review. You’ll need to look over each case and decide which one best fits your particular needs.


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