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The easiest way to connect your PlayStation 4 to your smartphone or tablet

Below we will learn more about this process and how you can use it to enhance your gaming experience.


As you already know, we live in a world where screens dominate our lives. From smartphones to TVs, we spend a large amount of time using our devices. So it’s not a surprise that most of us want a seamless and integrated gaming experience. Game console developers have tried to come up with their own second screens like the Xbox SmartGlass and the Wii U. Unfortunately, they just didn’t seem to attract gamers. But one console maker has come up with a solution to this problem using some rather simple methods. Sony has come up with a way to integrate the PlayStation 4 with a smartphone or tablet.

The new PlayStation mobile app is a wonderful tool that will allow you to do many things. This helpful app will let you compare trophies, browse profiles, and even purchase content directly from the app. Once you purchase content, you will be able to automatically download it onto your console as long as it’s active or in standby mode. But there are some limits to what you can do with the app. For instance, you can’t use it for messaging because that feature has been moved to a stand-alone app. But it still remains a very important tool for PS4 owners.

Downloading and Using the PlayStation Mobile App

Step 1: Download the App

ps4 app

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To start the download process, you will need to upgrade your smart device’s operating system to the latest version. For those using an Android device, you will need at least version 4.0 and for iOS devices, you will need at least version 6.0. Once you have the updates completed, go to Google Play or the iTunes Store and enter PlayStation in the search box. This will help you easily locate the app.

Once you have found the app hit the install button to start the download. Once it has finished downloading, go ahead and open the app. Then you will be asked to sign in to your PSN account. After you have logged in, you will have access to many different features including live-stream events and the PlayStation Store.

Step 2: Syncing Your Smart Device with Your PS4

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If you would like to sync your smart device with the app, start by hitting the connect to PS4 bottom which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen of the app and select the second screen option. Once that is complete, find your console on the network. When you select your console from the network, you will then see a code appear on your TV screen. Once you see the code, type it into the text field on your smart device and select the register option. This will enact the syncing process.

Step 3: Use the App

ps4 app

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Now that your smart device is synced up with your PS4, you will have access to a lot of interesting features. One of the best features that you can enjoy is the companion functionally feature that you will find with some PS4 games. These games include Metal Gear Solid V and Watch Dogs.

Additionally, the Battlefield 4 app will provide you with access to your friend’s on PSN and your multiplier stats. You can even customize your weapons and character loadouts via your mobile device. If you wish to chat with friends and enemies, you will need to download the PlayStation Messages App that is free to download.

Using the My PlayStation Service

my playstation

For those of you that don’t want to use the dedicated PlayStation Messages App, you can use your phone’s browser to connect to your PSN profile via the My PlayStation Service. The My PlayStation service will allow you to view trophies, message your friends and update your profile all while on the go. However, it will not allow you to connect to your PlayStation 4 console.

After signing in to your My PlayStation service, you will be able to view your friend list, your profile, and trophies by using the drop-down menu. In order to message your friends, simply go to their profile and select the send message option.

To use the My PlayStation service, go to and sign into your PlayStation Network account. Additionally, you can find it by visiting the PlayStation homepage and signing in. There you will find the My PlayStation tile at the top-right corner.


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