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How to factory reset a Wyze Camera before selling it

Or maybe you think it will fix some issues. We’ll show you how to factory reset all models of Wyze cameras.

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Are you having trouble with your Wyze Camera? Or perhaps you’re interested in selling it?

Resetting your Wyze cam to factory settings is the most straightforward solution in these scenarios. That’s because Wyze doesn’t have an in-app way to transfer ownership of a device.

However, the process may vary slightly depending on the specific camera model.

Learn how to perform a factory reset on the Wyze camera with this step-by-step guide.

Here’s how to factory reset a Wyze Camera

Before you start, remove the microSD card if it has one inserted.

Press the reset button and wait for the color that corresponds with your camera version

Now, press the reset or setup button on the bottom of the camera while the camera is Powered On for at least 10-20 seconds, and the status LED light turns into a solid state.

For Wyze Battery Cam Pro & Cam v2

Release the button when the Status LED turns solid yellow.

For Wyze Cam v3, v3 Pro, Pan v2, v3, OG, OG Telephoto

Release the button when the status LED turns solid red.


Wait for about 30 seconds for the camera to reset. The status LED will start flashing once done.

For Wyze Battery Cam Pro and Cam v2

The status LEDs will turn from solid yellow to flashing yellow and blue.

Note: You must remove the battery cover to access the setup button.

For Wyze Cam Floodlight & Floodlight Pro

The status LED turns from solid red to flashing purple.

How to reset the Wyze Outdoor Camera

You cannot hard reset Wyze Outdoor v1 & v2 cameras for obvious security issues.

Without this security feature, a potential thief can steal your camera, reset it to factory defaults, and sell it in the aftermarket.

However, you can power cycle these cameras to fix any bug or glitch affecting their performance. 

Factory resetting a Wyze camera is the last step before contacting support for a replacement

Resetting the Wyze camera is usually your last resort while troubleshooting it for various connectivity and functionality issues. The best part is that it mostly magically solves the issue.

I hope you were able to reset the camera by now. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Remember that you cannot perform a factory reset on Wyze Outdoor v1 & v2 models. Power cycling is the only available option to address any functionality issues that may arise.

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