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How to transfer a Wyze camera to a new owner

We’ll show you everything you need to know before passing a Wyze camera to its new owner.

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Are you planning to give your Wyze camera to someone? Whether it’s a gift or a sale, this guide will help you transfer successfully.

Before we proceed, there’s one thing to know. You can’t simply transfer the ownership in the Wyze app.

You’ll have to save any data you want to keep, factory reset the camera(s), and then the new owner can set them up as if they were brand new.

Here’s everything you need to know before transferring ownership of a Wyze camera.

Things to do before transferring Wyze Cam ownership

Back-up personal data

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Start by backing up your data. Remove the microSD card and back up all the footage on the card. Format the card and reinsert it into the camera.

Or keep the microSD card; the new owner might want to install their own.

Reset the Wyze cam to factory settings

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Next, you should reset your Wyze Camera. After the reset is complete, you should also delete the Wyze Indoor cameras from your current account.

You should know that the Wyze Outdoor Cam cannot be factory reset manually. No matter what you do, they will remain associated with your current account (and the base station).

To disassociate, you have to remove the outdoor cam and the base station from your Wyze app.

This critical security measure makes stolen Wyze cameras useless, but it’s a bit of a pain if you’re trying to pass them to a new owner legitimately.

You shouldn’t try to delete the outdoor cameras and base station from the app when they are offline. This was a nightmare for many users as they had difficulty reconnecting the whole setup to a new account.

New owner setup

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As you transfer the camera to the new owner, advise them to set it up as soon as possible.

They would have to download the Wyze app, create an account, and set up the camera from scratch.

Wyze indoor cameras rarely face errors while being added to a new account.

But for outdoor cameras, the new owner might have a hard time. Instruct the new owner to power cycle the base station and camera before setup.

Can we transfer a Wyze Cam Plus subscription?

Users with an active Wyze Cam Plus or any other premium subscription might want to transfer to the new owner along with the camera.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at this point. Your Cam Plus subscription cannot be officially transferred to a new Wyze account.

Wrapping Up:

There is no official way to transfer Wyze ownership. You will have to do it manually. That means resetting and disassociating the Wyze camera from your account and setting it up from scratch on a new account.

We hope Wyze comes up with a convenient solution to make this happen, as it did with the sharing feature on the Wyze app.

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