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How to tell if someone muted you on Instagram

Careful what you look for, you may just find it.

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Quick Answer: There is no direct way to check if someone has muted you on Instagram, but there are a handful of signs to look out for.

If you spend a lot of time posting on social sites like Instagram, it’s possible some of your followers have you muted. But is there any way to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram?

We have all been there, stuck listening to someone’s incessant jabbering on social media, wishing we could stop the madness.

You may feel it’s too harsh of punishment to outright unfollow or block someone and long for a more humane way to fix the situation.

Instagram heard these calls and created the ability to mute someone. Getting muted on Instagram is a silent event, with no obvious way to figure out if you have been muted or not.

Before we try to figure out if someone muted you, we need to discuss what the mute button actually does.

What happens when you get muted on Instagram

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When someone mutes you on Instagram, nothing obvious happens. You can still see their posts and stories, and they can see yours. You can access their page, and you won’t be notified of any changes.

What will happen is the person who muted you will no longer get your content in their feed. If they muted your direct message (DM), they will not be notified of that either.

They can still keep up with your posts, however, just on their own terms.

How to tell if you were muted on Instagram

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There is no telltale sign that you have been muted on Instagram. Instagram deliberately made it difficult to tell if you were muted.

There are some indicators to see if you have been muted, but the only true way to know is to confront the person and risk a potential confrontation.

How to tell if you were muted on Instagram

  1. Check their engagement with your content

    If someone who routinely liked or commented on your posts suddenly disappears, then you may have been muted.

  2. Check their activity

    If the person in question has been actively liking and commenting on other posts, but yours remains silent, then you may have been muted.

  3. Check your Instagram stories

    If the person is no longer viewing your stories but previously had been viewing them, then you may be muted.

  4. Send a DM

    If you send the person a DM and you don’t get a response after a period of time, but they were active, then they may have muted your messages. They won’t be notified of any direct contact if you have been muted.

Any one of these by themselves does not outright show that you have been muted. If you notice most or all of these happening to you, then you have most likely been muted.

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Sometimes you just have to move on

Finding out someone has muted you on Instagram may sting a bit. No one likes rejection, and finding out you got muted won’t leave you jumping for joy.

Take some time to evaluate why you may have been muted in the first place. Did you do something to offend the person, or maybe you have been extra obnoxious lately?

Maybe you went through a difficult time and were killing their mood, so they temporarily muted you. Whatever the reason, it’s going to be alright.

If you do know why and it’s bothering you, change up your posts. If you aren’t sure why and they aren’t close to you, keep being you. You aren’t going to make everyone happy; just enjoy the follows and move on.

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