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No more Netflix free trials? Here’s how to still watch for free

Here are all the ways you can watch Netflix for free without committing fraud or having to sell any of your organs.

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Netflix, the one that started it all, phased out its free trial offerings back in October 2020, leaving many viewers searching for alternative ways to access their content without opening their wallets.

Despite this change, users can still find ways to enjoy Netflix’s extensive library of movies and shows for free if they’re savvy enough, of course.

Users can dive into Netflix’s entertainment without spending a dime by taking advantage of shared family subscriptions or special deals from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Netflix offers three tiers – Let’s break them down

A screenshot displaying subscription pricing in US dollars for three different plans, highlighting the monthly cost and the option to add extra member slots for an additional fee. Below the pricing, there are notes regarding the availability of the plans and the account sharing feature for extra members. The bottom of the image includes the source credit: Image: KnowTechie.
Image: KnowTechie

Netflix’s subscription model has evolved, and as of 2024, it offers three distinct plans: Standard with Ads, Standard, and Premium.

The ‘Standard with Ads’ plan grants you a treasure trove of Netflix’s high-definition content, allowing you to watch and download on two devices simultaneously.

The ‘Standard’ plan, at 15.50 per month, provides an ad-free experience and the option to add a non-household member to your account.

At the top tier, the ‘Premium’ plan costs $23 per month. It boasts ultra HD quality, Netflix spatial audio, and device compatibility for up to four screens, with downloads available on six devices. It also allows adding two extra members to your account.

PlanDescriptionPrice per MonthExtra Features
Standard with AdsHD content, watch & download on two devices$7Ad-supported
StandardUltra HD quality, Spatial Audio, four screens$15.50Ad-free, add non-household member
PremiumSix devices, add 2 extra members$23Six devices, add two extra members
Extra Member FeatureAdd a non-household member$8 per month

Maximizing the ‘extra member’ feature 

Netflix’s ‘Extra Member’ feature, included in the ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ plans, could be your ticket to free Netflix.

For an additional $8 monthly, an extra member can join the subscription, enjoying the same streaming quality as the primary account holder, with their profile and login details.

Worth Sharing: It’s important to note that Standard and Premium subscribers only allow you to stream to one device and download on one device at a time.

If you’re living with a Netflix subscriber, you can be one of up to five profiles on a single account, reaping all the benefits of the chosen subscription plan as long as the account holder continues to pay the subscription fees.

Take advantage of your ISP’s fertilizing promotions from ISPs 

To access Netflix for free, consider mobile or internet/cable provider promotions. Many offer Netflix complimentary for a limited time to new customers.

For example, T-Mobile’s Netflix ON US program includes a ‘Standard with Ads’ Netflix plan with any Go5G or Magenta Plan for accounts with at least two lines.

They also offer discounts on the ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ Netflix plans. Verizon bundles Netflix and Max for $10 monthly with their Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Welcome plans.

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Don’t be a dummy and ruin it for everyone – exercise caution 

So there you have it. That’s pretty much all the ways you can watch Netflix for free without committing fraud or having to sell any of your organs.

When exploring these options, be aware that you cannot downgrade to a Netflix plan lower than what’s included in your ISP package.

Before committing to a bundled service, consider your viewing preferences and available plans carefully. Staying informed and making strategic choices can lead to a more enjoyable and cost-effective streaming experience.

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