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Instagram and Facebook creators are getting new monetization tools

And the company won’t be taking a cut of creator revenue until 2024.

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Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook today to share several new monetization efforts that Meta is putting into place for creators on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, the platform will continue to offer its monetization efforts without taking a cut until 2024.

The Meta CEO leveraged his own personal Facebook following to share the news of these new efforts this morning.

The company has also pledged to continue offering these services for free until 2024. Previously, Zuckerberg said Meta would start revenue sharing in 2023.

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Included in the new monetization options is a new way for creators to interact with their followers. Creators who have paid subscribers on other platforms will soon have access to subscriber-only Facebook Groups.

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The platform is also expanding its Facebook Stars program to more creators. Facebook Stars lets followers send money, in the form of Stars, directly to their favorite creators through Reels and live videos.

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Additionally, the Reels Play Bonus program will soon be available to more creators across Meta’s platforms. There’s also a new creator marketplace in the works that will help creators connect with brands for more monetization opportunities.

Finally, Zuckerberg revisited the addition of digital collectibles, like NFTs, on both Instagram and Facebook. The company began testing NFTs on Instagram last month. And the plan going forward is to expand to Facebook in the near future.

With all of these added incentives and programs, Facebook and Instagram continue to develop as sustainable platforms for creators to monetize.

And putting off revenue sharing until 2024 shows that Meta is putting forth a lot of effort to make its platforms an attractive medium for creators to grow their brand.

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