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iPhone Crash Detection and Emergency SOS credited in rescue

Emergency services were led straight to the people thanks to Apple’s new safety features.

emergency sos feature on iphone
Image: KnowTechie

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Apple’s two latest safety features, Emergency SOS via Satellite and Crash Detection, have come together to help emergency services complete a helicopter rescue.

First responders in Los Angeles, California, recently shared an amazing search and rescue. The rescue was made possible thanks to the two safety features.

A vehicle with two passengers drove off a road and plummeted 300 feet into a canyon in Angeles National Forest. An iPhone 14 from one of the passengers registered the crash with Crash Detection.

There was no cell service, but that is where Emergency SOS via Satellite kicked in. The SOS system connected the passengers with emergency services using one of Apple’s new relay centers.

Rescuers then dispatched a team to the location, thanks to Apple’s accurate latitude and longitude data.

A daring helicopter rescue ensued, where rescuers hoisted both passengers out of the canyon and transported them to a local hospital.

This is the first time we’ve seen Apple’s two new safety features working hand-in-hand to rescue someone. It’s incredibly impressive how the features work together in cases of emergency.

We have seen that Apple’s Crash Detection has its faults. It has had some false alarms on rollercoasters and with skiers.

But instances like this one show how the feature is supposed to work. And combined with Emergency SOS via Satellite, we’ll likely continue to hear about how helpful Apple’s new safety features really are.

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