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Kodak Portrait 3D Printer features a large build area and can fit on your desk

This professional 3D printer has an enclosed environment, will all-steel components made to last and deliver the best possible performance

kodak 3d printer
Image: Kodak

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Kodak was a giant of the market during the golden age of film photography but with the growth of digital photography, it took a hard blow and went to be on a secondary position in the market of photography, having a hard time maintaining its previous market dominance.

Now, the company is working on new products to hopefully bring the company back to some of its former glory – and, curiously enough, with a product that is not directly linked to a camera. In fact, that product is a 3D printer, called the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer.

This professional 3D printer has an enclosed environment, will all-steel components made to last and deliver the best possible performance. The printing software is powered by 3DPrinterOS, a cloud 3D printer management company that is a leader in this market.

More about the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer

With a large build volume, with 7.9 in x 7.9 in x 9.3 in (200 x 200 x 235 mm), the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer is still compact enough to easily fit on a desktop. Because it features two extruders, it also allows for more complex and bi-colored designs, a feature that not all 3D printers have.

Because it is enclosed, no nasty vapors or smells are freed, making it suitable for a classroom, office or other location with people around. Another positive and distinctive aspect of this printer is the availability of a multitude of printing materials, including ABS, HIPS, Flex, and Nylon 6 and 12, as well as several variations of PLA.

The monitoring of print jobs can be remotely monitored thanks to a camera placed on the printing chamber.

The printer’s software is also a very positive feature of this device, possessing several advanced options such as email, social media or file-sharing services, for direct and immediate access to files.

Kodak Portrait 3D Printer can be ordered from Kodak’s dedicated store, with a price tag of $3,499, with free shipping available for the United States and Canada.

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