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Lenovo’s new charging kit lets you charge a laptop wirelessly

The kit is part of a new line of Go-branded accessories from Lenovo.

lenovo wireless charging pad for laptops
Image: Lenovo

The popular laptop manufacturer, Lenovo, has decided to branch out into laptop and mobile accessories. One of the company’s new products allows you to upgrade various laptops with wireless charging capabilities.

The Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit consists of a 3.2 mm thick metal charging mat, alongside a wireless charging receiver that attaches to the bottom of your laptop and connects to your device via USB-C. The device uses “Power by Contact” technology, a wireless charging standard from Energy Square that differs from the Qi standard found in most wireless charging devices.

The Lenovo charger is capable of charging most 13 and 14-inch notebooks, as long as they are not touchscreen (for whatever reason). Both laptops with macOS and Windows are said to be supported by the company’s new wireless charging adapter.

Lenovo has introduced the Go Wireless Charging Kit as part of an all-new line of computer and mobile accessories made for people on the go. The company also introduced new wired and wireless headsets, as well as a few mice and keyboard options designed specifically for on-the-go purposes.

According to The Verge, the Go Wireless Charging Kit will be available for purchase from Lenovo sometime in October. It will be available for $139.99, which may seem like a steep price. However, wireless charging is virtually nonexistent in laptops, so this technology is fairly innovative.

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