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Logitech’s ZeroTouch car mount turns any phone into an Alexa device


logitech zerotouch phone mount with alexa in car
Image: Logitech

You shouldn’t be on your phone when driving, but sometimes you might want to access something or remind yourself of something while driving. Of course, Google Assistant and Siri can help with that, but what if you are trying to access something from Amazon’s Alexa?

That’s where Logitech ZeroTouch mount comes in. The nifty device turns any phone into an Alexa-enabled device and gives you full access to Alexa and Amazon Skills. Maybe you forgot to order something from Amazon and need to do that before a shipping cutoff time, you can do that with this device.

To activate it, you have to high-five your phone and Logitech and its nifty mount/app combo will wake up and be at your beck and call.

Right now, the device is on sale on Amazon, but you have to get the white version. It will only run you $13 right now, while both the black and red versions will still cost you over $50.

Check it out:

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