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Microsoft just brought a lot of new Surface devices to the table, check them out here

Including proof that Windows Mobile is dead…

Microsoft surface duo in hand
Image: Twitter

Microsoft had a huge hardware reveal event this week, where it unveiled the next versions in the Surface line.

This year, there were a few surprises thrown in amongst the normal Surface refresh, including the news that AMD processors are powering some of the devices, and that Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface phone will be running Android and has two screens.

Who said Microsoft was playing the safe game?

Microsoft is now back in the phone game

There is a bunch of news, so check out our quick outline of all the important product announcements below:

  • Surface Pro 7Qualcomm powers this 13-inch screen 2-in-1, which is just like the existing Surface Pro, with detachable keyboard. It’s super light and super slim but still has a removable hard drive. Oh, and the webcam can fake your eye contact during video calls. Creepy af, but undeniably useful. It starts at $999, and you can order now for delivery around Nov 5.

    Microsoft surface pro 7

    Image: Microsoft

  • Surface Laptop 3: The new Surface Laptop 3 comes in 13.5 and 15-inch sizes, making it a direct competitor to the MacBook. Will it win against Apple? Who knows, but it does have both Intel and AMD inside, depending on which model you go for. The CPU in the 13-inch model ($999) is a 10th gen Intel, and there’s an AMD Ryzen + Vega APU powering the 15-inch model ($1,199). They’re also supposedly “easy to repair” which probably just means that Microsoft hasn’t glued all the innards together.
  • Microsoft Surface Earbuds: Whoever at Microsoft thought an ugly pair of true wireless earbuds could retail for $250 deserves to be laughed out of the building. They’re supposed to compete with Apple’s AirPods, but you can buy a spare pair of the fruity earbuds for the same total cost. They’re also fugly, making it look like you’ve put plaster in your ears, which I guess might be the point. Oh, the do work with Microsoft Office and can translate over 60 languages, so maybe they’re useful if you have to handle things in another country.

    Surface buds in ear

    Image: Tom’s Guide

  • Surface Neo: Microsoft took a look at foldable devices and went, nahhh, we need two screens. The Neo is a weird tablet/laptop thing with two displays that fold together. Think of it as a dual-monitor tablet and maybe it makes sense. Or doesn’t. It’s even got a hardware keyboard that pops out to type on, with a trackpad. Who knows how much this will cost, but it’ll probably be of Thanos-proportions.

    Microsoft surface neo

    Image: PC World

  • Surface Duo Phone: Microsoft’s Surface Phone is… an Android? I know we were told Windows Mobile was dead, but to have a folding tombstone? Sheesh. Will anyone want this? ZTE had the Axion M which had similar dual screens and ZTE almost went bankrupt soon after the release… The only interesting thing here is that Microsoft is partnering with Google to try and make this the best of Android, on a Surface device. That’s either going to be great or horrifying and I can’t wait to find out which.

    Microsoft surface duo in hand

    Image: Twitter

Has Microsoft lost the plot? Samsung’s foldable device was terrible, even if it did sell out of preorders. I can’t see the Surface Duo Phone doing any sort of numbers, although at least it’s not running Windows Mobile…

What do you think? Interested in any of these new devices that Microsoft has announced? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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