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Is Microsoft finally releasing a dark mode for Outlook?

Turn down the sun.

outlook dark mode
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If you use Microsoft Outlook and still aren’t hanging onto the scraps of your @aol email account, but still retain your @hotmail account then you might have noticed the Halloween theme available on the beta side of the application last year. If not, don’t fret, no one really notices these things. We’re all too busy throwing away our CDs and watching hamster porn.

Regardless, my fellow tech nerds have got their pocket protectors in a twist today, as according to a random but probably deliberately placed forum post, dark mode is a thing that will soon exist as an option for Microsoft Outlook. If true, this is fantastic news. Yet, while many tech blogs are happy to call this a done deal, I remain delightfully skeptical.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love dark mode just as much as the next cave dwelling gamer. My office at work is a converted conference room with about as much ambient lighting as a Motel 6 during a hurricane and carries the same amount of terrifying reasons never to bring a black light in here. My office at home is in a dark corner, shaded by evil spirits and haunted by the spider nest murders of 2015. Dark mode is life. Dark mode is a salve for the eyes. If I could wear two pairs of Gunnars, I would. But I can’t. It’s awkward and if you double my RX it’s like an LSD trip without the fun and just the hangover.

I wish every application and every web-page in existence had a dark mode. Thankfully Tweetdeck, where I spend most of my waking life besides contemplating my existence through a series of existential self-realizations while simultaneously questioning the nature of time, perception of the universe and self-differential existence Pornhub, has dark mode. There are a few other apps I use that have dark mode. And it’s nice. It’s nice to have that contrast shift when you are in a dark room and you are trying to play Fortnite on your third monitor but the bright, high-intensity glow from Outlook is really fucking with your calm.

As of this time, there is no release date, product notes, or verification that dark mode for Microsoft Outlook will actually be a thing that happens. It’s all very speculative and should be taken with a large grain of salt, as a suppository. But this just shows how much the dark mode feature means to users.

Users have of course been pressing Microsoft to turn the dial down on the brightness for Outlook for a while, and from a non-development point-of-view, it doesn’t seem like something too difficult to achieve. But also from a non-development point-of-view, what the hell do I know? Either this shows the power of community, or the power of Microsoft finally sparing some development power to something it knows the I.T. world would love. I’m pretty sure Lotus Notes 9 had a dark theme, but hell if I can confirm that. Remember Lotus Notes? Yeah, me neither.

What are your favorite dark mode applications? Let us know in the comments.

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