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Motorola wants you to know that “bumps and lumps” are perfectly normal on Razr’s folding screen

♫ …my humps, my bumps, my lovely Razr lumps… ♫

motorola razr folding phone
Image: Motorola

You can now pre-order the new Motorola Razr and make your wallet cry, but should you? I mean, $1,499 is a lot of cash to throw down on anything smaller than a second-hand car…

Oh, and even if you’re flush enough with the cash – there’s a CVS-receipt length list of the many things you need to do to care for your new folding friend.

If you buy the new Moto Razr, just know it’s a fickle beast

Motorola released a bunch of new videos hyping up its new foldable Razr, all feeling like sizzle reel adverts, or mini how-to’s. One really stands out though, “Caring for Razr.” We know from the Samsung Fold’s woes that foldable screens are kinda fickle, and this how-to aiming to stop people doing things like peeling off protective screen coverings shows just how flimsy they can be.

Here’s that list in case you don’t want to watch the video:

  • Razr is water repellant; wipe with a dry cloth if wet
  • Screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal
  • Screen has a protective coating
  • Avoid sharp objects (ironic considering the name…)
  • Do not use a screen protector
  • Close phone before putting in pocket or purse (or yanno, holding it since it’s apparently made from taffy)

Wait, hold up a minute. Reread that second point. “Bumps and lumps are normal?!?” WTF is Motorola smoking? I mean for a super-premium device, you don’t want any bumps on that extra screen space. Is this the cost of having foldable screens? If so, I’m folding and sticking to my candy bar devices.

If you are ordering from the only carrier to erm… carry the new Razr, you can expect your phone to ship on the 14th of February. Or maybe not, I mean the shipping date was February 6, to begin with…

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