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Netflix bursts onto the gaming scene with two Stranger Things mobile games

The two games are being tested on the Netflix mobile app in Poland.

netflix stranger things mobile games
Image: Netflix

Netflix has finally pulled the trigger on its plans to enter the gaming world. The king of streaming apps has begun its dive into gaming with the addition of two Stranger Things mobile games to its Android app. As of right now, the games are only being tested in Poland.

According to a new report from CNET, Netflix has begun the process of adding games to its subscription. Initially beginning with a focus on mobile, the company has picked two Stranger Things titles, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3, to begin the process.

These aren’t brand new games. They were initially developed in 2017 and 2019 to coincide with seasons two and three of the popular show, and they were licensed on other platforms. Now, Netflix is looking to eliminate the middle man and begin releasing games on its own platform.

As of right now, Netflix gaming is only in the very early testing stages. As mentioned before, the games are only available in Poland right now, and only on Android devices. The company is still very early in its games development process, and we should expect much more news in the coming months.

Netflix revealed its plans to push into the gaming market about a month ago. With an initial focus on mobile games, the company eventually plans to develop and publish games on multiple platforms. Oh, and they’ll all be included with your subscription, so you won’t have to pay anything extra to enjoy Netflix games.

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