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Nike’s new self-lacing shoes will let you ask Siri to unlace them

Siri, why can’t I tie my own shoelaces?

Nike huarache self-lacing shoe
Image: Nike

Seemingly not content with its HyperAdapt shoes from earlier this year that use an app to tie your laces for you, Nike has one-upped itself. The new Adapt Huaraches put Siri on your feet, so you can get the slinky voice assistant to tie your laces at a command.

This might just be the perfect gift for the Apple user who already has everything.

Nike still thinks you can’t tie your own damn shoelaces

The original Huaraches back in 1991 were ground-breaking, with all of the structure of the shoe moved to an exoskeleton. Now, the 2019 Adapt Huaraches replace the manual laces with Nike’s FitAdapt self-lacing system. Do we really need a voice assistant to tie our own damn laces?

  • RGB on your feet, the new Adapt Huaraches have two LED lights that you can change the color of through the app. They’ll also change color depending on activity, cause everyone in the office needs to know that you’re walking towards them, instead of running…
  • Nike used Siri Shortcuts to add the voice assistant linkup, which it says can be set for “the most employed features of the shoe.” That’ll be lacing and unlacing then, it’s not like your shoes can dance on their own

If you really want to make Siri unlace your stinky kicks, the Adapt Huaraches are available on September 13, through Nike’s SNKRS app and select retailers. They’ll probably go fast, as the $350 Adapt BB sneakers ran outta the stores earlier this year.

Don’t be surprised if Siri mishears you and squishes your feet instead of unlacing though, especially now that nobody is listening to your commands

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