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No longer sci-fi: Flying cars are here

It’s still a long way off before flying cars replace regular automobiles, but it’s something to look forward to no matter how you feel about them.

skydrive flying car
Image: SkyDrive

Who of us hasn’t imagined a futuristic world with robot maids and flying cars? Well, imagine no more! It’s not quite The Jetsons, but technological advances such as the Roomba, Google Home, and even online delivery for just about everything has made living life more automated and easier than ever. Just when we think we’re at the peak of what our engineers and scientists can do, we are pleasantly surprised with another triumph of technology. 

Just when everyone thought 2020 couldn’t possibly get any worse, the incredible people at Skydrive in Tokyo have released the very first flying car, and at the same time given us all hope for the future again.

Cars taking to the skies

The new model has wings and is certified stable — if you know how to fly it. Whilst the company’s engineers continue to work on the engine power, the Skydrive flying car can currently fly for a range of five kilometers. 

The two-seater design looks impressive, with upward-opening doors and a sleek, white finish. It is currently being tested to see exactly what it can and can’t do, but Japanese authorities are so hopeful of the new technology that plans are already underway for a complete working system for flying traffic. 

Understandably, just as with driverless cars, there is apprehension over driverless flying vehicles. Safety is always the most important detail in this regard, and repeat testing will still need to be completed before we can dream of jumping in the car, avoiding all the traffic, and flying straight to the office. 

According to Plenti, “In terms of millennials vs boomers, these two generations of typically contrasting tastes share a rare agreement when it comes to the preferred car brand.” This is why things like new sensors, safeguards, and tech gadgets specifically designed for this type of transport will need to be produced in order to kickstart the flying car evolution.

Why flying cars could be the best idea yet

uber flying cars

Image: Uber

There are definitely a number of upsides to the flying car. They could be used as an excellent emergency vehicle, and potentially reduce carbon emissions — making them a cleaner and more sustainable car to own. The introduction of flying cars would also take pressure off-road repairs, curb traffic congestion all together and most importantly, be a lot of fun.

Imagine the possibilities of service stations in the sky, which could quickly lead to other fly-by businesses opening. Fly-in movie theatres could be a popular romantic date destination, whilst a drive through Kentucky ‘Flight’ Chicken could provide a comforting meal at the end of a long day. Sky-high car dealerships would offer flying car loans, perhaps with a guarantee on gravity. 

The most wonderful thing about Skydrive’s flying car release is that it gives you that moment to escape and imagine a life where you’re flying high above the clouds, the houses, and away from the harsh reality of 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic

Or… maybe not such a great idea

It’s also important to look at the cons of the flying car before getting too excited. The design is reported as being quite noisy, though, with this complaint brought forward so early, it will likely be implemented quickly into the next beta design. An inflight crash could not only be dangerous for the driver, passenger, or other vehicles, but also for pedestrians below who could be caught in a shower of hot, falling flying car parts. 

Another issue could be privacy. If you currently live in a highrise apartment, open your curtains and imagine flying cars zooming past seeing right into your home. It’s enough to make sure you always have your Sunday best on. 

Embracing the future of personal sky travel

It’s still a long way off before flying cars replace regular automobiles, but it’s something to look forward to no matter how you feel about them. Whether you’re excited about taking to the skies like a bird or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, it will be interesting to see how this will play out. 

A lot more testing and new systems will need to be implemented before society calls having a flying car in their garage ‘normal’, but it’s good to know it’s no longer in the realm of science fiction. With this sort of new technology being developed every day, it’s also exciting to keep an eye on just what our top engineers and scientists will come up with next. 

Perhaps the ability to reach through the TV and grab whatever food is on the screen.
Now THAT would make life easy.

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