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Razer is getting into the sneaker game because screw it, why not

Razer thankfully decided to leave the RGB out this time.

razer black and green sneaker
Image: KnowTechie

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Yeah, you read that correctly. Razer, the company known for stuffing RGB lighting into gamer products, is getting into the footwear game.

The Razer x Cariuma line is a series of Razer branded shoes for those who love their Kraken headset just a little too much.

Surprisingly, this isn’t Razer’s first foray into non-gaming gear. These shoes don’t have any sort of RGB utility or tech built-in. Which is a departure from the norm because their RGB facemask sure does.

Overall both shoe sets seem to be nothing more than standard canvas sneakers. Not to say that’s a bad thing, I own about a dozen sets of canvas sneakers.

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razer sneakers on table
Image: Razer

Both the men’s and women’s styles are available in these black and neon green shoes. It seems that they are available in black or white midsoles, as well. There also is the option for low-top or high-top styles.

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It’s worth pointing out that you wouldn’t know these were Razer branded shoes from a glance. That is if it wasn’t for the inclusion of their chibi mascot, Sneki Snek, on the side of the shoes.

shoe insert for comfort
Image: Razer

Looking at the shoes, the Razer x Cariuma shoe lineup really looks like black and green Converse shoes. It would appear that the insoles may be a little nicer than standard Chucks, however. That’s not saying much though.

The low top style starts at $89 for both men and women and the high top style is $98. This is the same for both midsole styles as well.

If you want shoes that are branded by your favorite gaming peripheral company on your feet, act now. They are limited edition.

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