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Razer is apparently working on its own handheld gaming console

The device looks like a stretched version of one of Razer’s console controllers.

qualcomm handheld development kit based on snapdragon g3x chip razer
Image: Qualcomm via Videocardz

There’s been a proliferation of handheld gaming devices on the market, ever since the Nintendo Switch put on-the-go gaming back on the map. The latest device? A development kit created by Razer, and powered by the upcoming Snapdragon G3x chip.

Now, it hasn’t been officially announced yet, but that has never stopped VideoCardz from publishing slide decks before. Those slides talk about a “Snapdragon G3x Handheld Developer Kit,” which does suggest that it won’t be a consumer device when it first comes out.

The device looks like a stretched version of one of Razer’s console controllers, with a smartphone-sized screen in between the two sides of the controller.

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While the screen size isn’t mentioned on the slides, it does say that it’ll be an HDR OLED running at a 120Hz refresh rate. It seems that Mixed-Reality (XR) is also going to features, via the USB-C port which can also do DisplayPort over USB-C.

razer handheld gaming device specs
Image: Qualcomm via Videocardz

Maybe that will work with one of the headsets already on the market, like the Nreal Light, or Qualcomm could be hoping to spur an ecosystem of XR mobile accessories with this dev kit.

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It’ll be packed with all the latest connectivity, from 5G mmWave to Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, and will have a massive 6,000 mAh battery to power mammoth gaming sessions.

All the usual Qualcomm features like Snapdragon Sound will also be on board, and it’ll have a 1080p webcam, possibly enabling you to live stream your gameplay to the popular livestreaming sites.

razer handheld gaming device specs
Image: Qualcomm via Videocardz

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VideoCardz also says that other slides from the deck mention that it will be positioned as a game streaming device, supporting Xbox Cloud Gaming, local streaming from a physical Xbox, and even streaming from PC.

That might point to Xbox adding local streaming from the PC app, or they could be talking about the existing Steam Remote Play service.

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The big part of the equation that we don’t know yet is what operating system the dev kit will be running. Qualcomm makes chips for both Windows on Arm and Android devices, so it could be either. Will this end up being a Steam Deck competitor? Only time will tell.

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