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Razer is rolling out a new ‘mental performance’ drink for your marathon gaming sessions

It’s like crack for Mario Kart, or something.

Razer respawn drink mix
Image: Razer

When was the last time you saw a brick and mortar store that just sold one thing? And I’m not talking about a “one thing” as all-encompassing as books, I’m talking about a “one thing” like snowshoes. Or peanuts.

I walked by a store located in a popular Boston shopping spot last weekend that only sold honey and it honestly sent me into a tailspin. They can’t just sell that, right? How could they? Is this a seasonal store, and even if it is, how can they afford the rent of this primo location on just honey? How many people buy honey a day, and at what rate do they consume it? Am *I* not eating enough honey? 

My point is that synergy has become the norm in tech and tech commerce. Just ask Jack Donaghy. You can’t be a one-trick pony in today’s market, hence why you see more things like Xbox body spray and Playstation movies being announced by the day. The latest company to enter a foreign (if adjoining) market, believe it or not, is Razer.

Razer introduces Respawn, a “mental performace” drink mix

Known primarily for its premium gaming hardware and LED-backlit devices, Razer threw its hat into the beverage market yesterday by introducing its new “mental performance” drink mix,  Respawn.

RESPAWN sits at the center of the gaming ecosystem by helping to enhance the gamers themselves. The mental performance drink mix keeps gamers’ minds at consistently high levels of focus and attention and taste buds activated, especially as they compete over long gaming sessions.

Could this be the Proper Twelve to G-Fuel’s Jameson? Well, not exactly. Unlike the other gaming-centric energy drinks out there, Respawn will not include taurine among its ingredients and will feature significantly less caffeine than its competitors. That said, sites like The Verge are already calling BS on its lofty claims.

The company is making lofty claims of “Increased Alertness and Focus” and “Enhanced concrentration,” yet it, ironically, lacked the concentration to spell “concentration” correctly. (The typo in its FAQ has since been corrected.) It’s like the gaming industry’s very own Goop.

Like most of its competitors, however, Respawn is expensive as hell. A twenty pack – which comes in a variety of flavors including Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Pomegranate Watermelon and Tropical Pineapple – will set you back $20, and that’s not even including the $30 it’ll cost you for the “official shaker cup.”

Respawn is available now in the US and can be purchased on Razer’s website.

What do you think? Interested in trying this mental performance drink from Razer? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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