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Ring is finally giving its users more control over their privacy and security


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Image: Ring

There have been dozens of stories about Ring doorbells being hacked or information being leaked. This is on top of the problems with the company’s partnerships with local police officers. Which is strangely ironic, since the device is supposed to be used for home security. The Amazon-owned company is more-than-likely aware of these ongoing, not to mention scary, problems and is taking notes.

Announced at this year’s CES, Ring is giving its app a much-needed security boost with the introduction of Control Center. As CNN reports, Control Center is going to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for any and all security-related issues when it comes to Ring.

Ring’s Control Center allows users to have more control over their devices.

The app will also give security control to other Amazon devices, such as Alexa-enable devices and third-party speakers. There is not a whole lot of information about what sort of actions a user can do with the Control Center, but users can restrict access from other members of the household.

They will also be able to block the videos from being shared on Ring’s social media platform Neighbors. Most important, users can withdraw from sharing their videos with law enforcement.

There will be additional options in the future, as the app will receive continuous updates. Maybe the ability to give your Ring an intimidating voice to ward of possible home intruders? Control Center will be available to all Ring owners at the end of January.

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