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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Samsung to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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Source: KnowTechie

We’re still far away from the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, which is expected in early 2024. But the leaks about Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S series keep on coming.

The previous leaks indicated that the company’s in-house Exynos chips will be used on the Galaxy S24 series to some extent. 

However, another S24 series chip-related leak today indicates a slightly different conclusion. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra sticking to Snapdragon chipset

Mockup of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus with New Display
Source: KnowTechie

According to the claim made by leaker Revegnus on X, formerly Twitter, next year’s Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a Snapdragon processor regardless of the region.

Editor’s note: It’s worth taking this rumor, as with all rumors, with a hefty pinch of salt. Revegnus doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to getting things right ahead of time.

There has been a lot of skepticism regarding Samsung’s use of the Exynos chipsets in the Galaxy S series. 

Still, previous leaks suggested that Samsung is sticking to the same formula on the Galaxy S24 series, which was expected to feature the in-house Exynos chips in several regions.

However, a recent leak revealed that only the vanilla Galaxy S24 will feature the Exynos chip, while the Plus and Ultra variants will stick to the Snapdragon chipset. 

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Today’s leak supports the most recent claim, but the leaker Revegnus didn’t mention anything about the Galaxy S24 Plus variant. 

Either way, we would be happy if Samsung decided to keep the Snapdragon chipset for the Galaxy S24 Ultra in all the regions.

Qualcomm’s chipsets have always had a superiority over Samsung’s Exynos chipsets, so it makes sense to use the best process for Samsung’s top-tier flagship smartphone. 

Of course, our thoughts are based on the speculation that the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will outperform Exynos 2400, which could change anytime.

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