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Samsung’s budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 rumored to cost under $800

A book-style foldable smartphone priced under the vanilla Galaxy S24 seems unreal.

A promotional image showcasing two modern smartphones with a black color scheme, one with a pop-up selfie camera and triple rear camera setup, the other featuring a large display with a centered punch-hole front camera, both phones placed against a dark background with watermark credits reading "@onleaks x @smartprix".
Image: Smartprix

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Rumors about a budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 have been spinning since the last month. While a few rumors indicate Samsung is working on a second book-style foldable smartphone with a cheaper price tag, other rumors suggest the opposite. 

However, the latest leak not only says a budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 exists but it also says the folding handset could be surprisingly affordable. 

The latest report comes from the Korean outlet SisaJournal-e, claiming that Samsung has planned a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold for this year.  

A budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 priced under $800 will be interesting

An unfolded black foldable smartphone standing upright with a three-camera system on the back, against a dark background with the watermark "@onleaks x @smartprix".
Image: Smartprix

We are unsure if the report is accurate as other reports indicate Samsung could go in the opposite direction with a more expensive Galaxy Z Fold 6

That said, a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 could be exciting and increase the company’s foldable smartphone sales tenfold. 

The company has struggled with foldable sales after its Chinese competitors invaded the market with foldable smartphones featuring better specs.

The Korean outlet’s report translates this so-called budget Z Fold 6 could be priced under $800.

In contrast, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is priced at $1,800, and the Galaxy S24 is priced at $800. 

Hence, the budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be priced less than the vanilla Galaxy S24. 

That said, Samsung has to make more than a few sacrifices to achieve this price. The specs, battery, and display will be the first in line to get downgraded. 

Samsung could still keep the same cameras as the Z Fold 5. However, the report mentions a dual camera setup instead of a triple camera setup.

On the other hand, we have learned the Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant has the Q6a codename.

Roland Quandt of WinFuture claimed he heard during MWC 2024 that the Q6a model could be more expensive than the standard model. 

Both reports come from reliable sources but are contradictory. So, we are not sure what to make of this. 

It seems we may not get complete clarity on the situation until we get closer to the launch.

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