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Social sites are removing disgusting “George Floyd Challenge” posts

Ban them all.

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As protests continue across much of the country (and world) in response to a police officer murdering George Floyd in broad daylight, some terrible humans are using the event to start a disgusting social media trend called the “George Floyd Challenge.”

If you are not aware, this police officer detained Floyd, pinned him to the ground on his stomach and then forced their knee into Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes, killing him. All of the officers involved have now been charged, but that hasn’t stopped lowlifes from mocking the death of this man on social media.

Coined the “George Floyd Challenge,” people (mostly white people) have been posting disturbing images on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat showing them forcing their knee into a friend’s upper back/neck region. Now, many social sites are taking action against this disgusting show of ignorance, blocking the hashtag and removing posts that glorify the challenge.

Facebook and Instagram have blocked the hashtag and Twitter is removing posts that feature these images. A Twitter spokesperson told Business Insider, “We’re taking action tweets encouraging or promoting this as well as tweets that condone or justify this behavior.” That said, they are leaving posts up that denounce the image, but are adding the sensitive media tag to them.

Facebook has also been removing posts, noting that they violate community standards for “encouraging participation in a high-risk viral challenge.”

TikTok has yet to block the hashtag, but looking through the top posts featuring that hashtag, it’s all people denouncing the act.

Also according to Business Insider, there have even been arrests regarding the hateful content, with multiple arrests in northern England.

What do you think? Should these social sites be doing even more to remove these terrible posts? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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